Minus K House

Shanghai, 2010

A Square in Space, the Minus-K House in Shanghai The international airport and the new deep-water port of Shanghai are locate...


Aspire Park

Long Tan, 2009

Der Auftrag bestand darin, ein Konzept für ein neu gebautes Luxusvillen-Projekt zu entwickeln, einschließlich eines Masterplans für die G...


Society Hill Residences

Tianjin, 2008

The developer of this residential compound was looking for a new urban housing concept specific to the site and notably of outstanding &l...



Beijing, 2010


TM Studio

Ten Courtyard Houses

Suzhou, 2005

Location: Xiangcheng District, Suzhou Year: 2005 Architect: TONG Ming Site area: 600 m2 Floor area: 380-410 m...

TM Studio

A Promenade House– A Compacted Garden

Suzhou, 2008

Time: 2005–2008 Size: 1400 m2 model Material: Concrete, red bricks Model: plastic cardboard A P...

Chang Bene Design

Two to One House

Shanghai, 2005

Two existing adjacent 1920’s European-style stucco buildings were combined into one residence totaling 3500 SF. Extensive structura...

Chang Bene Design

Indoor-Outdoor House

Hong Kong, 2004

This remodeling of a 3,500sf house reflects changing needs and lifestyles in Asia. The existing house was typical of those built in the 1...

Chang Bene Design

House in the Sky

Hong Kong, 2006

A conventional flat was transformed into a loft-like space that incorporates living and working, with a new pavilion on the roof set in a...


Y house

Changping district, 2009

Project name: Y house Design: BMA Beijing Matsubara and Architects Architect: Hironori MATSUBARA, Norio KATSUTA, Zhichao LI, ...

Darin Johnstone Architects

Qingpu Pagoda Park Pavilions

Qingpu, 2004

Photo & Rendering: DJa


Slit House

Nanjing, 2007

Fits to its historical context formulated in begining of 20's in centre part of Nanjing city, Slit house express itself in harmony with s...


Brick House

Nanjing, 2007

Based on local courtyard houses, the design evolved from the interaction of two brick houses with the surrounding landscape. Terracotta b...

FAKE Design

Courtyard 104

Beijing, 2004

Courtyard 104 is adjacent to the north side of courtyard 105. Within the site of 1755 sqm, three sets of two-story studio-houses form a p...

FAKE Design

Studio House

Beijing, 1999

Designed for an artist, this studio building has a floor area of 500m2. It consists of a reinforced skeleton-frame structure left exposed...

Kengo Kuma & Associates

Great (Bamboo) Wall

Beijing, 2002

In this project, ten Asian architects were commissioned to design ten residences each, creating one hundred structures that together make...



江苏省苏州市, 2007




天津, 2009

星耀五洲崛起于天津西南部,其开发集团希望通过不同国家建筑大师的设计手笔将世界版图浓缩于7.3平方公里的土地上,聚集万众目光。受业主邀请,logon罗昂的创意总监及建筑师合伙人Frank krueger 先生作为业主从世界各地众多...

Atelier 100s+1

Studio House I


Project Name: Studio House I Location: Tongxian, Beijing Structure: Reinforced Concret...

Amateur Architecture Studio

Ceramic House

Jinhua, 2006

The small house of one hundred square meters, - a café -, I decided to make it a container. Whether it will hold wind or water is complet...



南京, 2008

项目介绍 建筑师: 刘 珩 项目团队:黄傑斌、戴 璞、林少麗 结构构造特点与运用材料:钢筋混凝土与钢结构 用地面积:3125 平方米 建筑面积:435 平方米 设计时间: 2006...

DnA Design and Architecture

Jiangyuan Shuian Villa

Inner Mongolia, 2006

Jiangyuan Shuian Villa is a private residence located on a vast Mongolian land facing Kaokao Shina Lake in Erdos, Inner Mongolia. The giv...




这是一个为艺术家设计的住所,需要对中国传统的“四合院”展开一系列的修复工作,并在院内增建一个新的建筑体。因所处位置特殊,这个项目非常具有挑战性:它距离紫禁城很近,增建的部分对周围的环境、临近的胡同,以及内部的庭院结构来说都很敏感。 在这个项目中,我们发展出一套再生的概...

HHF Architects


Lijiang, 2007

To appreciate the Treehouse in all its beauty and simplicity one must be prepared to listen. The house shows a conversation, a genuine di...


Xiangshan town houses

Beijing, 2004

The brief of this 75.000 sqm residential project in the north-western suburbs of Beijing is just to build “town houses”, in a...

Jiakun Architects

He Duoling Studio

Xipu, Chengdu, 1996

He Duoling Studio Site: Xipu, Chengdu, Sichuan Client: HE Duoling Designer: LIU Jiakun (co-worker: QI...

Atelier Feichang Jianzhu

Split House

Shui Guan (Water Gate) of the Great Wall, Yanqing, 2002

Split House, Yanqing, Beijing, 2002 Located in the mountains north of Beijing by the Great Wall, the house is split right in ...

Atelier Feichang Jianzhu

Villa Shizilin

Wan Niang Fen, Changping, 2005

Villa Shizilin, Beijing, 2004 The client is a developer couple with two children and they have acquired a piece of land in th...

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