Kaohsiung Social Housing

Kaohsiung , 2023

In a groundbreaking initiative, Mecanoo, introduces a innovative social housing project in Kaohsiung, marking a significant milestone as ...

Parallect Design


西山岛, 2023


Parallect Design


余姚市, 2023

四明山位于浙江省宁波市余姚市四明山镇,有龙虎山的气势壮观,兔耳岭的怪石灵秀,被誉为天然“氧吧”。杉野茶室坐落于山顶,作为基于原有茶山凉亭的建筑改造项目。 首次到现场是一个四月阴雨天,从山下往山上走的路上我想到的是陶渊明在桃花源记中描述的场景“初极狭,才通人。复行数十步,豁...


Beijing Poly Plaza

Beijing, 2023

Adapting a pair of closed-off, outdated commercial buildings to resonate with a new era, Kokaistudios breathes life and light into a chal...

Atelier d'More 多么工作室

睡眠研究所 · Arch民宿 | 多么工作室Atelier d'More

Huangmuchang Village, 2022

Project Name: Sleeping Lab·Arch Office Name: Atelier d'More Office Website: www.d-more.cn Contact email: [email protected] Firm Location:...

Atelier d'More 多么工作室

Womb烘焙工作室 | 多么工作室Atelier d'More


Atelier d’More was commissioned by Womb Baking studio to design a space for women that incorporates baking and parenting activities. Foun...

Atelier d'More 多么工作室

书一·飞鸟集自习室 | 多么工作室Atelier d'More

Shanghai, 2021

Atelier d’More was commissioned to design a self-study room for Bosuer as its first store opening in Shanghai, hoping to create a soft ha...

Atelier d'More 多么工作室

素颜的童话世界 | 多么工作室Atelier d'More

Shanghai, 2020

The project is located in a village near Disney in Pudong, Shanghai. The client commissioned Atelier d’More to transform a rural resident...

Kitzig Design Studios GmbH

La Vie by Thomas Bühner

Taipeh, 2023

Taipeh – die Berge, der Fluss, das Meer, die Wälder inspirieren die Küche des 3-Sterne-Kochs Thomas Bühner. Die Natur, die Mentalität der...


Renovation of 5X7

Shaoxing city, 2023

“The greenest building is one that is already built.” —— Carl Elefante ADAPTIVE REUSE Recognize the value of all buildings, even when...

INCLS (集合设计)


奉贤区, 2023

项目位于上海市奉贤区柘林新镇。同样由集合设计完成的新镇城市设计提出了南北向主街指状 公共空间向地块内延伸的空间策略,建筑的空间布局遵循了这一导则建议。 柘林社区中心的设计以“垂直的园林”为概念出发点, 以类似江南园林建筑庭院的空间节奏,将室内外空间交 错布置于四层高...

Parallect Design


醴陵市, 2023


Approach Architecture Studio

M-Stand Cafe

Xi'an, 2021

A small independent structure located at the South Square of Xi’an Glorious Plaza was originally designed as two adjacent and separate un...

Approach Architecture Studio

Fang Suo Rural

Da Nan Po, 2020

Fang Suo Rural @ Da Nan Po is a renovation of a single-story house situated to the south of the original Da Nan Po Village Center buildin...

Approach Architecture Studio

Localand Foods

Da Nan Po, 2020

Localand Foods @ Da Nan Po restaurant is situated below the original village center to the south (Fang Suo Rural @ Da Nan Po) and faces a...

Approach Architecture Studio

Village Center Redevelopment in Dananpo

Dananpo, 2020

This is a project to transform the abandoned Da Nan Po Village Center building complex, which has been unused for many years. The transfo...

Approach Architecture Studio

Tea House at Dananpo

Dananpo, 2020

The building is located at the Village Center in Da Nan Po. The architectural prototype of the building is a Yubei traditional vernacular...

Approach Architecture Studio

Hyundai Motor Studio

Beijing, 2017

Approach Architecture Studio, in collaboration with the American design firm 2X4, has completed the design of the Beijing Hyundai Motor C...

Approach Architecture Studio

Maogong Barn Art Center

Qiandongnan Region, 2015

The Maogong Barn Art Center is located in the Qiandongnan region of China, and the building is constructed using traditional building mat...

Approach Architecture Studio

Zen Center at Baoguo Temple

Ziyang, 2015

The Baoguo Temple Zen Center is located in a Buddhist temple in Ziyang, Sichuan, which can be traced back to the Sui Dynasty. The origina...

Approach Architecture Studio

Wuyong Useless Space

Beijing, 2014

The design of Wuyong Useless Space aims to echo the brand’s emphasis on natural and traditional qualities. The transformation from an ind...

Approach Architecture Studio

Students’ Lounge at Eurasia University

Shaanxi, 2013

The Eurasia University Lounge project aims to provide a new "living room" for four old student dormitories, which can serve as an informa...

Approach Architecture Studio

Silent Heroes Exhibition Space design

Beijing, 2012

Accompanied by the movie star Zhou Xun's childhood furniture being placed in an old factory building from the 1960s to 1970s in Dashilar,...

Approach Architecture Studio

Xi’an Glorious Plaza

Xi’an, 2014

The commercial area of Xi’an Glorious Plaza is located in the center surrounded by a group of hundred-meter high-rise residential buildin...

Approach Architecture Studio

Yangmeizhuxiejie Street

Beijing, 2012

The Yangmeizhu Xie Street project is the starting area of the Dashilar Urban Revitalization Project. In the transformation of this street...

Approach Architecture Studio

Approach Architecture Studio office at…

Beijing, 2010

The office of Approach Architecture Studio located in Sanjianfang is a renovated building from an abandoned warehouse. The primary purpos...

Approach Architecture Studio


Beijing, 2012

Dashila(b)-oratory is an open platform founded by Beijing Dashilar Investment Ltd. and Approach Architecture Studio. As opposed to the co...

Approach Architecture Studio

ARRTCO Beijing

Beijing, 2012

ARRTCO is located in the underground shopping center of Beijing World Trade Center. The project’s design aims to present an immersive exp...

Approach Architecture Studio

Dashilar Urban Revitalization

Beijing, 2012

Dashilar, located in the center of Beijing, southwest of Tiananmen Square, covers an area of approximately one square kilometer and has a...

Approach Architecture Studio

Showroom at Xi’an Glorious Plaza

Shaanxi, 2012

The Showroom of Xi’an Glorious Plaza is different from a typical real estate sales center. It is designed to promote the cultural values ...

Approach Architecture Studio

The Exhibition Design for Shenzhen Biennale 2009

Guangdong, 2009

The exhibition space design for the 2009 Shenzhen Biennale was a highly challenging task. Located in the underground space and open city ...

Approach Architecture Studio

Chaoyang1919 Film Studio

Beijing, 2010

The Chaoyang 1919 Film Studio is situated on one side of a tree-lined boulevard. To avoid a sense of overpowering scale on the environmen...


叠山方院: 北京八道河岭民宿

Bejing, 2023

八道河岭村位于北京市怀柔区渤海镇,这里群山怀抱,清澈的溪水从村庄流过。项目位于村庄的南段,基地位于一处台地上,南侧隔着菜地,可远眺苍翠的青山。基地内曾有一栋农家小院,早已年久失修,无人居住,业主计划在此建造一栋有特色的民宿,而且要有较多的公共空间和客房。 限制与突围 ...

Baumschlager Eberle Architekten

Three High-Rise Buildings in Yancheng

Yancheng, 2021

Three Towers follow the sun – With 120,000 m² GFA, the high-rise buildings are the largest residential project by Baumschlager Eberle Arc...


Seaside Floating Pavilion

Rongcheng, 2021

At the easternmost tip of the Jiaodong Peninsula, an abandoned fishing boat ran aground near an undeveloped natural bay area. The scour m...


Xitang Naera Art Gallery

Xitang Town, Jiashan County, 2021

The Xitang East Area under construction is the eastward expansion of the old town of Xitang, a well preserved ancient canal town in the S...

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