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Daishan Kindergarten

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This is a kindergarten located on a slope, facing the Daishan Primary School in the north and city roads in the east. The site has a large elevation and a limited area.

To make full use of land, the architects use terraces to set back the upper part of building, offering more outdoor playing fields and sufficient sunshine for each class at the same time.

Perspective Section Perspective Section
Inner courtyards in the middle provide abundant sunlight for Administration and services are on the north side of first floor. On the aspect of landscape design, every class has a green space for children to play with.

The initial attempt is to try to reduce the volume of the building, we hope to make the volume of kindergarten as low as possible, looking like two-layer or even one layer. We make use of terrain about entrance area, people enter from the west into the entrance hall on the second floor. After that they can go above or below, the shortest distance from the ground. In this way it looks to be two layers from point of view on the ground.

Elevation and Section Elevation and Section
We then set back volume of the entrance floor, allowing the second floor box to float in the air, further breaking down the volume and making the building look like only one floor. The purpose of the series of treatment is to weaken the building volume, increase the intimacy, to reduce the oppression to children.

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