Guansheng Zeng

Founder and principal of MOZHAO ARCHITECTS
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Guansheng Zeng, born in 1981 in Shajing of Baoan district, is a native in Shenzhen. The
development of Shenzhen and personal growth experience which are the source and the motivation of his architecture practice, lead him to create a better living environment and urban life through unceasing exploration and practice.

B. Arch, Shenzhen University
March II, Harvard University
Founder and principal of MOZHAO ARCHITECTS
Principal of CCDI Mozhao Studio

Qingdao Cruise Terminal wins the following prizes:
Qingdao Cruise Terminal wins Architecture Creation Excellence Awards of the Guangdong Registered Architect Institute
Qingdao Cruise Terminal wins 2016 Shenzhen Architecture Creative Gold Awards
Qingdao Cruise Terminal wins 1st Prize of 2017 Chinese Excellent Exploration & Design Industry Awards
Zishe planting pavilion and planting terrace (Quanzhi Technology Innovation Park) wins the best award for Agricultural Building in the 2018 American Architectural Master Prize.
Zhi Art Museum (Quanzhi Technology Innovation Park) wins the best Annual Public Space Award of “JINTANG PRIZE”.
Guansheng Zeng, the principal of Mozhao Architects, wins "2018 Chinese Design Elite" of Design Elite Club.