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O-office Architects was established in 2007 by HE Jianxiang and JIANG Ying in Guangzhou, the central city of Pearl River Delta. O-office wrote its ambition in its name: returning to the fundamentals of architecture and space to experiment new design method in the southern Chinese urban context. O-office approaches architecture across various fields like technology, arts and media on the overwhelming background of “production” in contemporary China. Parallel to professional practice, O-office also uses design as a critical instrument for research on the spatial and economic reality, and maintains the balance between practical and research sides.

In late 2012, O-office moved to the old Canton Beer Factory in Liwan near to the old Guangzhou downtown, and transformed the top floor of the old silo building into their live-and-work space. Current projects of O-office cover various scales, from urban design, architecture, renovation, exhibition, and even to furniture and installation designs. Urban and architectural conservation of the history and memory of the fast-developing PRD region has been O-office’s main focus since 2008. They have been invited to the two important architectural biennales of Venice, Italy and Shenzhen, China. O-office’s main architectural works including Value Factory of 2013 Shenzhen – Hong Kong Architectural Biennale, Beijing Huilongguan Youth Housing of NAi-Vanke Housing with a Mission programme, Vanke Songshanhu Staff Housing, MJH Museum in iD Town in Shenzhen, and the serious collaboration with EMGdotART Foundation for their venues in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing and recently in Venice.

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