Gaggenau & Next125 Experience Store

Wuhou District, Chengdu
Fotografia © Chuan He
Fotografia © Chuan He
Fotografia © Chuan He
Fotografia © Chuan He
Fotografia © Chuan He
Fotografia © Chuan He
Fotografia © Chuan He
Fotografia © Chuan He
HDC Design – Hum­ming­bird De­sign Con­sul­tant
Fusen-Noble House 2, 99 Duhui Road, Wuhou District, Chengdu
273 sqm
Chief Designers
Rene Liu, Jiajun Tang
Design Firm
HDC Design (
Furniture and Equipment Design
TimeStone Design
Illumination Design
HDC Design (

After centuries of evolution, the kitchen has become the center of the home and family of human beings, both literally and figuratively. GAGGENAU is the maker of the most outstanding kitchen appliances. SCHULLER NEXT125 is synonymous with premium customized kitchen cabinets. These two German brands are present in Moutt Exhibition Hall. Every detail shows texture to an extreme, with the most sophisticated craft, and they all come from recognition and pursuit of beautiful things, presenting the quality of a top household appliance brand. As an exhibition area for residential homes, we have always believed that GAGGENAU not only gives the product with innovative appearance and super high quality, but also has a subtle display through daily operation, fully meeting the Asian cooking habits. Therefore, the key point in space design should not continue to follow the tough craft look, but to integrate into life, have more humanized care.The exhibition hall will provide a free presence in an elevated white space featuring a huge white dome with accurate dimensions and a natural private garden.Even someMichelin star chefs are loyal fans of GAGGENAU. Customization makes people happy. The display under white light allows the kitchen imagination to customize its own professional home kitchen space according to the size of the kitchen and the different sizes of each corner. The idea of cooking with nature and seasonal food is gradually gaining ground and the essence of GAGGENAU kitchen appliances and SCHULLER NEXT125 kitchen cabinets is experienced more realistically. The transformation process from feeling the exhibition hall to the real sales sense is realized through the humanized guiding. Therefore, the use value of the exhibits is fully reflected in the display and experience process, so that customers can personally perceive, experience products, establish communication, and finally integrate comfort, art and taste into daily life, making every detail of life become a kind of enjoyment.

Project: GAGGENAU & NEXT125 Experience Store in Chengdu
Location: Fusen-Noble House 2, 99 Duhui Road, Wuhou District, Chengdu, China
Size: 273 sqm
Design Time: July 2021
Opening Time: November 2022
Chief Designers: Rene Liu, Jiajun Tang
Design Firm: HDC Design (
Furniture and Equipment Design: TimeStone Design
Illumination Design: HDC Design (
Photographer: Chuan He

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