Huanglong International Center Phase IV

To more, To morrow TOMO remains to be the one Who wants to bring you inspirations Only we are more dedicated and more interesting TOMO Design 2015 is a significant year for TOMO Since it was founded and began to develop in Shenzhen We provide clients with integrated services in environmental design, space design and furnishings design. We are committed to the design of commercial spaces, hotels and clubs, office spaces, real estate projects, luxury private houses, etc. Team TOMO SERVICES: business research, brand vision, space experience design, interactive device and material research, etc. TOMO SPECIALITIES: establishing dialogue between human beings and spaces, encouraging their interaction and maximizing business value with visual arts as well as contemporary, cutting-edge and innovative design. UNO CHAN (Founder and Director of TOMO DESIGN) Motto: Never follow the trend, set the trend Belief: Design brings positive changes to the world Philosophy: Find something interesting and accomplish it enjoyably Interest: Explore the fun and possibilities of design Every day, is new beginning for fun Every project, is a new journey to change the world.

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