Shanghai Oriental Hospital

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150 Jimo Road, Pudong New District, 20010 Shanghai
Lemanarc SA

This project located in the Lujiazui area of Pudong District is the reconstruction of Oriental Hospital project. After the expansion, the new building is located in the west side of the old building .The construction area is 81,802㎡ and the beds number of the hospital will reach 1200 after the expansion. It also realizes seamless connection forming a whole with the old buildings, and achieves the most effective operation.

The incorporation of garden elements in all parts of the building is the basic requirement for gardenized space. In this project, the traditional garden concept is divided into a number of garden systems covering the whole hospital. These systems achieve in greening, sound insulation, shading and other functions, at the same time, they will change the hospital into a self-contained medical village.

The new building looks like a traditional Chinese lantern, building stent looks like skeleton of lantern; glass like paper constructs the transparent building facade to ensure the indoor natural lighting, and also makes the building pure and elegant.

The building facade is not drab plane, continuous bay window belts chosen from inside make building flexible and elegant. This 'Accordion' surface has the effect of shading, ventilation, energy-efficient.

In addition, the ups and downs of the facade create a certain space inside the building, the space is used to put flowers and plants. As if we use the garden "pieces" to reweave it into level garden system, covering the entire hospital.

Therefore, in the new building of Orient Hospital, it’s not a cold wall between patients and the external world but green life symbolizing hope. This natural protective screen separates hospital from the external noisy environment of Lujiazui area, and reduces the noise pollution effectively.

On the processing of building Interior interface, designers organize interior public space using the curving wall to replace linear wall, therefore such way softens sensory experience, appeases mood psychologically, and adjusts the relationship between human and hospital, helps to create a peaceful and safe medical environment.

Standing outside the building to review the whole building, we can find the green bay window garden belts from the crystal glass façade, and the whole building integrating with the garden is full of green and vitality.

The entire Orient Hospital looks like as a garden medical village, self-contained and independent of the prosperous financial circle in Lujiazui, and in its dense skyscrapers we separate a quiet oasis for treatment and care. The green life surrounded in the garden is a symbol of vitality, and conveys a feeling of hope.

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