Xiamen Nanyang College

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5068 Hongzhong Road, 361101 Xiamen

This case is both the result of our value design and our attempt to gardenize the campus and educational space. On a limited plot of land, the proposal wins valuable space in the central area with a circular building layout, while the splitting, optimization and reorganization of service and green spaces ensure a comfortable and convenient experience and relaxation for users.

The design seeks to seek out the unique identity of Nanyang Academy and to tailor a design solution that maximizes the value of its identity. A circular building layout was used to gain valuable space in the center of the campus on a limited site, highlighting the "garden" character of the campus. From the large campus in the central area to the small gardens contained between and within the buildings, the most simple and essential meaning of the campus is revealed.

The many service spaces are resolved into different levels, split up, and then arranged separately to achieve maximum service coverage. The program pays attention to combine and incorporate the experience in the management and expansion of Chinese universities, especially the characteristics of combining education and accommodation in Chinese universities, to meet the needs of all aspects of study and life.

In the design, we tried to combine the concept of gardenized space with the Hakka dwellings in southern Fujian, and we are committed to the integration of garden elements with architectural elements. We increased the courtyard in the campus space and realized the gardenization of the campus space through the organization and arrangement of greenery. At the same time, we used red bricks as the façade material to add a warm feeling of nostalgia to the campus.

It leaves a lot of reserve space for the future development of all aspects of the school. As the college grows, the style of the college can be preserved and carried forward forever. Future expansion of the building can be branched out along the perimeter, ensuring the future scalability and flexibility of the school.

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