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25 models
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Centralized City-building
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Centralized City-building+infrastructure
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Centralized City-building+infrastructure+landscape
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Centralized City-building+infrastructure+landscape+territory
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Centralized City-building+infrastructure+landscape+territory+public space
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Crisis City
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Grid City
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Mineral City
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Mountain City
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5 cities

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Huashan Rd 1800, 200030 Shanghai
Wang Zhuoer, Zhang Tianyun, Zhang Lingxiao

“5 CITIES” is an exhibition curated by Junyi Wu and Zhuoer Wang, the exhibition was held in Qian Xuesen Library in Shanghai.

The design consisted of two parts, 25 golden models and 1 video. In the model part, city was deconstructed into five different elements and recombined (25 models), while in the video part, different city scenes (real or virtual) were selected and clipped into one movie.

To create a calm atmosphere and help visitors concentrate on the exhibits is the primary concern for the interior design.The whole room is therefore covered with black felt to avoid extra noise or lights.

Since the five cities are fictional and surreal, to strengthen this concept, the display table and the lighting are specially designed. To decrease the exhibit's 'gravity', the base of the table is covered by felt. Above the felt, a 2cm steel pipe works as leg to support the whole table. In the ceiling, a customized spotlight is used to illuminate the model and generate a halo on the floor. These details together make the models looks like 'floating' in the air.

Not only the architect, but also the artists and non-professional came to this exhibition opening. Office ZHU expects the unique atmosphere can bring people a different perspective of city.

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