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EMAG Jintan

Jintan, 2014

Ein langes Dach kennzeichnet den Eingang zu diesem neuartigen Industriebau. Mit der Doppel-T-Struktur werden die Abläufe von Montage, Pro...

Plasma Studio

Ordos 20+10

Ordos, 2012

Plasma has been selected among some of the leading Chinese and China-based international offices for the next phase of development in Ord...

Ronald Lu & Partners

Renovation of China Resources Building

Wanchai, 2012

The China Resources Building (CRB) was used to be an icon of 1980s. To cope with the growth of commercial activities in North Wanchai and...

Ronald Lu & Partners


Shanghai, 2022

TODTOWN in the Minhang district of Shanghai resolves a complex range of needs and challenges to create a well connected, mixed-use mini c...

Ronald Lu & Partners

Tianjin CTF Finance Centre

Tianjin, 2018

Tianjin CTF Finance Centre is a 530m tall skyscraper with a total GFA of 389,900 sq. m., consisting of 97-storey towers, 5-storey podium ...

ShuShe Architecture

De Zhou Bao Lin Business Office Building

Dezhou, 2014

This project is located in De Zhou Shandong with a covered area of 25,000 square meters. There is a certain degree of particularity with ...


Silo-top Studio

Guangzhou, 2013

In 2012, O-office transformed the top floor of a 1960s’ silo building in the oldest beer factory of Guangzhou, the central city of ...

OMA - Office for Metropolitan Architecture

Shenzen Stock Exchange

Shenzen, 2013

The essence of the stock market is speculation: it is based on capital, not material. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange is conceived as a physi...



Yancheng, 2014

PHILIPP MAINZER wurde mit dem Entwurf eines 3.000 qm großen, zweistöckigen Bürogebäudes für den taiwanesischen Batteriehersteller APEX in...

Studio Georges Hung

Great Wall Technology Headquarters Tower


1+1=1 Cities are, by definition and nature, spaces of permanent changes. Its mutating physiognomy reveals its intentions a...

Studio Georges Hung

VC-PE Tower

Shenzhen, 2015

The VC&PE Tower creates a new perspective on the city of Shenzhen. It forms the most visually distinctive landmark tower within the N...

Studio Georges Hung

Hang Yang Xin He Mixed Use Tower

Nanning, 2010

Hang Yang Xin He Mixed Use Tower is a commercial-retail development comprising of an iconic 250 meter high rise grade-A office tower with...

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill

Pearl River Tower

Guangzhou, 2013

The 2.3-million square-foot Pearl River Tower redefines what is possible in sustainable design by incorporating the latest green technolo...

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill

Greenland Group Suzhou Center

Wujiang, 2016

Like sculpting a high-performance automobile, digital aerodynamic modeling was critical to shaping this 1,175-foot super-tall tower. Acti...

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill

Poly Real Estate Headquarters

Guangzhou, 2007

Poly International Plaza is an innovative office and trade center development in Guangzhou, China, an industrial city along the Pearl Riv...


Alibaba Headquarters

Hangzhou, 2009

The new Alibaba Headquarters is a benchmark for the modern workplace in China, comprising 150,000 square metres of flexible open plan off...


Wenzhou Central Business District

Wenzhou, 2012

Wenzhou liegt in einer gebirgigen Region der Provinz Zhejiang an der Flussmündung des Ou Jiang ins ostchinesische Meer. Die traditionelle...


Ordos 20+10

Ordos, Dongsheng District of Inner Mongolia

Within Ordos, a new city in the Dongsheng District of Inner Mongolia, NADAAA has designed an office park in collaboration with Hi...

EXH Planning Architecture Interior

Visa Section Swiss Embassy

Beijing, 2009

The concept is to "see the history through the decade". We convinced the client to keep the old brick building, which witnessed the accel...

EXH Planning Architecture Interior


Nanjing, 2010

This is an office interior with minimal design and maximum comfort. The waiting room is connected to the courtyard with the same bamboo m...

EXH Planning Architecture Interior


Shanghai, 2007

Swissnex Shanghai is Switzerland's outpost for science, technology and culture in China. A large and flexible functional space is divided...

SKEW Collaborative

SC Office

Shanghai, 2012

The rather unusual location of this office within a typical Chinese podium- tower complex was the starting point of the project. The inte...


Zhongguancun Cultural Center

Peking, 2006

Platform for Architecture + Research

Keelung Harbor

Keelung, 2012

Keelung is a gateway that through its history, climate, and the customs of its inhabitants, is predestined to make use of its exterior sp...

Vector Architects

Taoyuanju Office Interior Renovation Design

Tianjin, 2012

In the summer of 2010, we were invited by the client to design their 1200 m2 interior work space in Tianjin. The existing space, which is...

OPEN Architecture

Sky City - a different kind of landmark

Wuhan, 2011

Ubiquitous icon building is no longer the symbol of progress. The future of architectural and urban design, at its core, must balance and...


Guangzhou Daily Group Culture Centre…

Zhujiang New Town, 2012

IAPA wins the excellence award in International Architecture Design Competition for Guangzhou Daily Group Culture Center. The site for t...


Standardarchitecture Office Addition

Beijing, 2012

Zephyr Architects

Science Valley Office & Clubhouse

Langfang, 2011

Located in Langfang, this is the startup project of Zhongke Science Valley development.  The complex consists of a clubhouse and an ...

Zephyr Architects

China Yard Sales Office

Dalian, 2011

Located at the entrance plaza of Genghai housing project, this building is designed to be used as a sales office and later will be conver...

Zephyr Architects

Humanwell Group Headquarter

Wuhan, 2011

The form of the project responds to the immediate context, the site boundaries and program requirements.  The higher and lower wings...

Zephyr Architects

Bio-Lake Offices

Wuhan, 2012

The Bio-lake campus is comprised of company headquarters, research institutes and labs related to biology and medical research in Wuhan.&...

Zephyr Architects

Bio-Lake Reception Center

Wuhan, 2010

This reception center houses an exhibition space, conference rooms and administration offices for the Bio-lake campus.  Next to the ...


Air China Büroturm „Blue Sky Building Project“

Chengdu, 2012

KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten International hat den internationalen Wettbewerb mit dem Titel „Blue Sky Building Project“ für die Zentrale ...


TAO Architect's Office, Refurbishment of a…

Beijing, 2009

Located in an aeronautical factory on North 3rd Ring of Beijing, the existing warehouse is a three bay 36 meter deep concrete structure, ...

Rocco Design Architects Associates Ltd

LHT Tower

Hong Kong, 2011

LHT Tower re-development comprises 29 storeys, with 11,000 sqm of Grade A office space and 3000 sqm of podium retail and restaurant. Situ...

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