The New Bund School of No.2 Secondary School of…


The New Bund School, which combines nine-year system primary and secondary schools with kindergarten, is located in Riverside Internation...

Studio Link-Arc

Yinhu Future School

Shenzhen, 2018

The Shenzhen Yinhu Future School is located in Sanjiu District, Yinhu Lake, in the Luohu district of Shenzhen, with a total land area of ...

West-line Studio

Dushan School Complex

Guizhou Province, 2016

Dushan Town is located at the so-called "South Gate of Guizhou"  at the border with Guangxi province. The main residents in this area bel...


Shenzhen King's Kindergarten

Shenzhen, 2020

It's a kindergarten, as well as a playground Designers have the tendency to design building and spaces for children as adult but have of...

10 Design

Fushan Primary School


Led by Design Partner Ted Givens, 10 Design has just completed the new Fushan Primary School, which will serve as an educational and comm...

OPEN Architecture

Pinghe Bibliotheater

Shanghai, 2020

Pinghe Bibliotheater is the core of OPEN’s latest project—School as Village/Shanghai Qingpu Pinghe International School. A library, a the...


Jinlong Prefab School

Shenzhen, 2020

In 2018, Crossboundaries designed a 36-classroom school, to be located in the newly established Pingshan district in the Chinese metropol...

3andwich Design / He Wei Studio

Twelve-Roomed School of Beauty

Weihai, 2018

A Twelve-Roomed School of Beauty: Moderate Architectural Intervention with Skillful Usage of Mountain Rocks The Twelve-Roomed School of...


Red Note House on the Horizon

Anji, 2019

Shanchuan Township, surrounded by mountains, which is located at the southernmost tip of Anji County, Hangzhou City, China. We designed a...

Drawing Architecture Studio

Chenghua Party School

Chengdu, 2019

The renovation of the public space of Party School of Chengdu Chenghua District Committee of C.P.C. is an experiment by Drawing Architect...

Atelier TeamMinus

Aranya Qixing Youth Camp

Qinhuangdao, 2016

The building is built for Qixing Education, a successful Chinese company that offers summer and winter school programs for children and t...

NODE (Nansha Original DEsign)

Humen Vanke Meisha School

Dongguan, 2018

Project description Building Area: 27437 sqm Design Period: 2017.05—2017.09 Category: Cultural & Educational Humen Meisha School, ...

Wang Weijen Architecture

Reconstruction and conservation of historial…

Songyang County, 2017

Starting from the reconstruction of Village-Hall as catalyst, the design kick-off a series of projects restoring and reactivating public ...

Wang Weijen Architecture

Student Center, The Chinese University of Hong…

Shenzhen, 2017

The student center of Shenzhen Campus of Chinese University of Hong Kong inherited the vertical yard and the horizontal corridors from tr...

Wang Weijen Architecture

Library, Chinese University of Hong Kong…

Shenzhen, 2017

The design of library of Shenzhen Campus of the Chinese University of Hong Kong breaks the six-floor large volume into two three-floor C ...

Wang Weijen Architecture

Campus Planning of Chinese University of Hong…

Shenzhen, 2016

The Campus Planning for the Chinese University of Hong Kong in Shenzhen brings together architectural typology of courtyard with the land...

Wang Weijen Architecture

Community College, Hong Kong Polytechnic…

Hung Hom, 2009

As the new campus for the Hong Kong community college, this 20 stories-high urban campus located near the KCRC railway terminal at Hung H...

Wang Weijen Architecture

Community College, Lingnan University

Tuen Mun, 2009

This project is one of a series of design researches that the architect had been working on: how to re-invent the traditional courtyard t...

Wang Weijen Architecture

Fumin Primary School

Taichung, 2002

This design re-evaluates the meaning of daily-life objects: fishpond, sand pit, slide, pavilion, particularly every tree of large and sma...

Wang Weijen Architecture

Guanglong Primary School

Taichung, 2002

For a school that has nearly two thousand students and 50 classes, the challenge is how to make spaces of appropriate scale for children ...

Wang Weijen Architecture

Chongkeng Primary School

Taichung, 2001

A school started with a man under a tree-- the metaphor from Louis Kahn enlightened this architect to approach the design of this project...

Wang Weijen Architecture

Music School, Tainan National University of Art

Tainan, 2008

Inspired by the graphical representation of Bela Bartok’s composition for strings percussion and Celeste, this design testing the new pos...

WAU Design


Shanxi, 2016

位于山西兴县新区的120师学校教学楼近期投入使用,其由72班9年一贯课室,行政办公,图书馆,礼堂,图艺体等专业课室组成。 随着城市化进程加快,县级生源及教育资源集中流向城市为当前普遍现象,当地政府希望通过改善教学环境以保证人才培养计划。雄心勃勃的项目以革命时期的一支部队命...


ETU School

Beijing, 2018

In just five months, Crossboundaries transformed a small, gray, three-story industrial building into an innovative primary school using s...

Unitinno Architectural Technology Development Company Limited

Dazu Study Hall

Yanyuan, 2010

Unitinno Architectural Technology Development Company Limited

Meili Primary School

Shenzhen, 2018

The school building of Meili School will be reconstructed to accommodate more students. A lightweight prefab school will be built for tem...

Unitinno Architectural Technology Development Company Limited

Xiasi School

Guangyuan, 2009

The tremendous loss of life and property caused by the 5.12 Sichuan Wenchuan Earthquake reveals the absence of decent structural design a...


Experimental Primary School of Suzhou Science…

Suzhou, 2016

Our proposal here takes advantage of the existing constraints and leverages the maximum value from the natural surroundings - Confronting...

Atelier Liu Yuyang Architects (ALYA)

Tongji University Experimental Elementary School

Shanghai, 2016

Tongji University Affiliated Experimental Elementary School locates in the Anting new town in Jiading district. It consists of teaching b...

Studio Link-Arc

NSFL School

Shenzhen, 2018

Garden in the Urban Forest CRLand NSFL is a 54,000 m² elementary and middle school campus, comprising regular and specialized classrooms...


Chaoyang Future School

Beijing, 2017

Using color to negotiate from the urban scale to the human, the renovation of Future School endorses a campus life that facilitates conti...

Ronald Lu & Partners

Expansion of Chinese International School

North Point, 2016

Working within the limits of the challenging triangular site of The Chinese International School (CIS), RLP designed a new 11-storey buil...


Bibo Primary School Library

Shenzhen, 2014

Bibo Primary School Library is located in Shenzhen, China. The idea is to combine education with reading and playing, provide enjoyable s...


Hygiene Station for Cattlefield Village School

Lincang, 2017

Cattlefield Village Primary School is in a mountainous region of western Yunnan Province, China. The original school was built in 2010, i...

Atelier Deshaus

Shanghai Jiading Tao Li Yuan School

Shanghai, 2009-2015

Tao Li Garden Experimental school, relocated from densely inhabitedold town, consists of 2 departments, a primary school department and a...


Beijing Affiliated High School

Beijing, 2016

Foreseeing the needs of the future based on the schools' spirit of interaction, inspiration and individualization to challenge current ed...

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