Beta Realities UG

Cuizhai Energy Park


Hydrogen - A storage of endless energy and always in motion - An energetic flow of fusion, electrolysis and synthesis. Beta Realities pla...

Greater Dog Architects

「BRLOOTE Headquarters」Multi Utilization of…

Shaoxing City, 2024

“The architecture we are trying to create is integrated with the environment, featuring sharp forms that emerge within the existing cont...

Greater Dog Architects

Renovation of 5X7

Shaoxing city, 2023

“The greenest building is one that is already built.” —— Carl Elefante ADAPTIVE REUSE Recognize the value of all buildings, even when...

Greater Dog Architects

INSIDE OF é é é Symbiosis of flagship factory…

Shaoxing city, 2022

INSIDE OF é é é Symbiosis of flagship factory and retail design by Greater Dog Architects Inside of é é é is a place where gathering co...

Parallect Design


苏州, 2022


DUTS Design Shanghai Office

Techstorm Headquarter Industrial Park

Shanghai, 2022

DUTS Design was commissioned by Techstorm in 2019 to build a headquarter industrial park in Lin Gang, Shanghai. DUTS team provides design...

CM Design



SMOORE Liutang Industrial Park locates in Xixiang Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen, at the northeast corner of the Liutang Park and adjac...

DnA Design and Architecture

Tofu Factory

Songyang , 2018

Caizhai Village is a traditional mountain village built along Shicang River over the past two hundred years. The village has always been ...

CM Design

Renovation of SMOORE Headquarters Industrial…


"Each man bears in his mind a city made only of differences" —Italo Calvino Invisible Cities


Midwest Inland Port Financial Town

Xi’an, 2015

Maike Metals Group (Maike) is one of China’s biggest non-ferrous metal suppliers and traders with the largest trading volume of copper ca...

Atelier Liu Yuyang Architects (ALYA)

Zijin New Harbor Technology Community A2 Plots

Nanjing, 2015

Located at the eastern part of Plot A, Block A2 with the other three building blocks form into the shape of three fingers – the urban des...



Beijing, 2014

Representing the image of the company using a single large volume, cultivating the brand message of a leading enterprise from the archite...


Silo-top Studio

Guangzhou, 2013

In 2012, O-office transformed the top floor of a 1960s’ silo building in the oldest beer factory of Guangzhou, the central city of ...


Wuyishan Bamboo Raft Factory

Wuyishan, 2013

The Wuyishan Bamboo Raft Factory is a storage and manufacturing facility which produces bamboo rafts used to sail the Nine Bend River in ...

Zephyr Architects

Coal Chemistry R&D Complex

Taiyuan, 2007

The Coal Chemistry R&D Complex is a hi-tech regional innovation and entrepreneurship park complex.  It consists of a 30,000 sqm ...

Atelier Liu Yuyang Architects (ALYA)

Dongguan Toy Factory

Dongguan, 2006

The project investigates the possible mutations of generic industrial architecture in the Pearl River Delta. Exterior walls are clad with...

GL Studio

EACHWAY Building

Shenzhen, 2010

EACHWAY is a famous fashion brand of the Leaf Costume Company. The complex, sited at The Shenzhen Costume Industrial Park, combines manuf...

Atelier Liu Yuyang Architects (ALYA)

Dongguan Toy Warehouse

Dongguan, 2008

The large singular massing of the warehouse forms a stark contrast with the multiplicity of this typical industrial neighborhood. Merely ...

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