3andwich Design / He Wei Studio

Space Improvement Plan for Zaiwan Village

Jiaozhu City, 2021

Background and original appearance: rural revitalization led by aesthetics and a three-no ordinary village Xiuwu County is located in Ji...

Cameron Clarke

Close to Home


Neighbourhood Strategies for Bejing's Urban Psychiatric Care Close to Home' is a speculative architectural and research project which in...

Matthew Jones

The Floating Embassy


Scale as a tool to reframe, represent & reconstruct Beijing’s fragmented urban condition and society. The Floating embassy collates ...

INCLS (One Design)

Ningbo Jiangbei Core Area

Ningbo, 2018

The site is situated at the immediate north side of the Three Rivers Joint, a symbolic geographical center of the city Ningbo. Recently, ...

INCLS (One Design)

Liantang & West Qingpu Area

Shanghai, 2015


Rob Mothershed [Architects]

TPAC - Taipei Pefroming Arts Center


The new performing art center attempted to create a rich gathering of massive program areas. There are three theatres that share an inter...

ISA Internationales Stadtbauatelier

Urban development planning and urban design for…


In this plan, a great adjustment in the layout of the infrastructure is made - in the southernmost tip of the land reclamation area of Na...

ISA Internationales Stadtbauatelier

Development research and city design of Huangpu…


The project was a competition from the municipality of Guangzhou for the district of Huang Pu. This district wanted to change its charact...

ISA Internationales Stadtbauatelier

Urban design and site plan for Xunpu center

Quanzhou, 2010

Through the redesign of a financial district in the urban expansion area of Quanzhou, there was the possibility to create a special and u...


The Transformed Stormwater Park: Qunli National…

Haerbin City, 2011

1 Project Statement Contemporary cities are not resilient when faced with inundations of surface water. Landscape architecture can play ...

OPEN Architecture

2nd Ring 2049

Beijing, 2011

The 2nd Ring 2049 project is an anticipation of the final transformation of the 2nd Ring into a greenway that houses all of the cultural ...

Firm Profile & Design Philosophy

7 Colours Park

Qujing, 2007

Covering an area of approximately 375 hectares, the Yunnan International Agrifood technopark is a revolutionary experimental farm that ai...

feld72 Architekten

Public Trailer Shenzhen

Shenzhen, 2009

PublicTrailer© ist eine für bestimmte städtische Situationen entwickelte Armada von speziellen Fahrradanhängern. Ökologisch und flexibel,...

W2 Architects

Green City-South Nanjing New Town


The green bridge connect to most of city block, and continue to the renovated air port runway park to sustain a green city with existing ...


DADA’s Grassland—240,000 square meters artistic…

Huizhou, 2011

DADA's Grassland is IAPA’s first residential project that the total construction area is over 200.000 square meters.

Atelier 100s+1

“9 Peninsulas” master plan

Nanning, 2005

Project Name: "9 Peninsulas" master plan Location: Nanning, Guangxi Site Area:

INCLS (One Design)

South Tai Lake Strategic Planning

Project Type: Strategic Planning Total Land Area: 500sqkm Collaborating offices: KUU, Yale Urban Design Workshop

INCLS (One Design)

Pudong Waterfront


Project Type: Urban Design Competition Total Land Area: 618,500sqm Description: The folded anti-flood wall is des...


Conceptual Planning for Liangzhu National…


The relics presentation buildings suggest to use building materials such as light wood, bamboo and steel etc. which can be removed or reb...

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