YG art district

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This architectural renovation is temporary and low-cost, developed for the exposition "Virtual City-New Power - China Contemporary Art Biennale 2008". It endures only 130 days from design to complete of construction. With regard to the process, there are interactions among architecture and contemporaries art forms, and discrepancies as well as commonalities between virtual artistic situation and real construction. What happen shows us as a metropolitan spectacle, which represents the logic of the production of space at the media epoch in Shanghai.

Project Name: YG art district

Location: Shanghai, China

Segolene Duberbet, 冯烊, Francis Jacquier, Marlene Leroux

Project Team: Segolene Duberbet, Feng Yang, Francis Jacquier, Marlene Leroux, Fang Weiyi

2000 m2

Building Area: 2000 m2

Design Period: may 2008


Construction Period: may- august 2008

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