A Journey of Design – Reinterpretation of Oriental Traditional Culture In Modern Context :XING

"The Revival" is a design exhibition being held as one of the programs during the Chinese New Year Festival 2015, in Sydney, Australia. It is the first time ever that an exhibition of urban planning and architecture design has taken part in such an event.

The intent of this exhibition is to strengthen interaction between South-China and Australian architects, creating a platform for idea exchange and dialogue. Specifically, the exhibition will share with it’s attendees a journey of exploring ‘Chinese Design’ within the context of globalisation.

Western Fashion
Nearly two decades ago, Western designers armed with ‘modern’ theories started to pour into Mainland China. Their ideas were new to the majority of Chinese design society; their words were passionate, their works were eye-opening. They became so remarkably popular that traditional design wisdom was easily abandoned within a few years. It appeared that Western design theory had triumphed over the Orient. A new context was born. This newborn was however seeded in translated words and fashionable terminologies that had been abused, bearing few relation to the context of traditional Chinese culture. Finally, this new context had become something that was both confusing and foreign to the local designers who practice within it.

Reviving Oriental Rationale for Design
Yet there is another side to this issue. The Invincible spread of Globalisation makes reshaping self-identity an urgent task for all.