Tower of Bricks


Place and history The project began with an abandoned Hoffman brick kiln, which was located between Hengshui wetland park and the city pr...

Raffles Kindergarten Complex

Huailai, 2017

Massing and complex programming The project called for the design of a 15-classroom-kindergarten, an early education center and a dormit...

1/2 Stadium

Beijing, 2013

The project calls for an intervention of the existing sport ground in a public school of Beijing. We define the project as a 1/2 stadium...


Beijing, 2012

Situated in a tranquil environment of one of the best vocational schools in Beijing, the project aims at providing an iconic image to the...

Mountain and Water


Mountain and Water is a coffee table of which design inspiration comes from nature -- the poetic reflections of hill on the water.  The d...

Yurt Villa