Gift Box In The Park

The appearance of the building with windows open
Photo © Joshua
The overall concept
Picture © 厘米制造
The appearance of the building during nightfall
Photo © Joshua
Section analysis
Picture © 厘米制造
Entrance of the east
Photo © Joshua
The concave of the building
Photo © Joshua
The curved space with plants seen from inside
Photo © Joshua
The building with ferris wheel behind
Photo © Joshua
The appearance of the building at daylight
Photo © Joshua
The appearance of the building at night
Photo © Joshua
The appearance of the building with windows close
Photo © Joshua
Staircase lead to the rooftop
Photo © Joshua
Staircase to the west
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Disassembled Schematic
Picture © 厘米制造
Master plan
Drawing © 厘米制造
The rooftop plan
Drawing © 厘米制造
The first floor plan
Drawing © 厘米制造
Conceptual analysis
Drawing © 厘米制造
Elevation of the west and east
Drawing © 厘米制造
Elevation of the north and south
Drawing © 厘米制造
CM Design
Jun Liao, Danping Chen, Heng Yang, Musen Li, Huichun Qiu, Lei Li, Jiapeng Wu(intern), Baichun Huang(intern)

As a part of a children's park that we considered as an organism, Morimori Home which provides tea for tourists as well as satisfying publics' rest, communication, and viewing activities, is located inthe Hakka Children's Park in Heyuan City,Guangdong,China. The project aims to create a dynamic, service-oriented public space with distinctive personality, making conversation with the environment.
The site of the project is on a platform with a height difference, adjacent torecreational facilities on three sides, and leaving an open entrance square on the east. The building overhangs the square, matching with the front square and making its small volume emphasized. Also, facing the front square, the openable facade with aluminum stretch mesh can be adjusted or closed in accordance with seasons, lighting and user requirement, providing an open landscape view to the interior.
The U-shaped entrance staircase placed in the site not only eliminates the height difference, but also has a strong guiding effect. The semi-circular ice cream kiosk which has a visual connection with the Ferris wheel,sticking out from the north, is a relatively independent function, serving those who do not enter the store but have demands for ice cream and drinks.
The concave courtyard with curved landscape on the west echoes the winding track of the roller coaster, and the greeneries planted there liven up the interior. The electric control room of the park is on the south, by which we formed an outdoor leisure space, through where goes up the stairs to the roof terrace. A light well on the roof provides sufficient light for the interior.
Considering the site conditions, architecture design has showed a holistic expression to maintain close interaction with its surroundings, which varies in color and volume from those built around Morimori Home. Despite that, the differences do not isolate this light material covered building, but let it integrate with the entire park.
Metals were chosen to present the architecture character of the park, as well as providing a startling contrast in appearance between Morimori Home and surrounding recreational facilities varying in style by its simple form. The building is integrated and conspicuous in color. Its orange look assimilates into surroundings, meanwhile, has its own unique logo.
We look forward to establish a place with Genius Loci on the base of the Site Context, which brings a new architectural form into a children's paradise that lacking of function but filled with various forms. The architecture is both compatible with the park and strongly distinguishable.

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