Ningbo Jiangdong Catholic Church

Studio Zhu-Pei
1-5 Stories

In the unconventional coordinate system, conventional things correspond to "very" functions in a "very" space.

This design is based on a basic understanding of the church in the past and the basic point of view. The Roman Catholic era, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and today, the architectural forms of its churches are ever-changing, but what has never changed has been the spiritual pursuits that have permeated the material form of the church – from the evils of the world, to the pure and unfinished high. Spiritual appeal. Therefore, churches (church buildings) have a dual nature since their birth: they are attracted to the world by their tolerant attitude and intimacy, while at the same time they shake the world with their extraordinary sense of religion, allowing people to reflect on their sins. That is, the church is a familiar/unfamiliar plain/mysterious complex. Therefore, in this program, all design is based on a logic: the conventional things in the unconventional coordinate system, thus forming a "very" form and space, "very" space corresponds to "very" function.

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