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Superimpose Architecture

Season Bridges 

Superimpose was invited for a competition to design 4 groups of bridges at a new urban development in Hangzhou. Superimpose won the competition by ...

Studio 10

Spatial Design of Long Life Design: Thinking and Practice 2000‒2020 

In the era of "consumerism" we live in, in this fast-growing emerging metropolis, an exhibition called "Long Life Design" seems a bit inopportune y...

Parallect Design

Oneswear Shanghai Xintiandi Jewelry Store 

A Dream in the Garden As the brand's flagship store, the location of the store was chosen in the iconic Xintiandi shopping district in downtown ...

CU Office

Beijing Cultural and Art Center 

The project is located in the north of the old town of Beijing, near the Lama Temple. It is in a traditional Siheyuan area. The main body of center...