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The Architectural Design & Research Institute of Zhejiang University Co., Ltd. (UAD) was established in 1953. With a history of more than 66 years to date, it is one of the earliest First Class Design Institutes among major national universities.

The company now has nearly 1400 employees, which include 1 Master Engineering Designer of China, 1 expert entitled to Special Governmental Allowances of the State Council, 2 Top-100 Architects of China, 4 Master Engineering Surveyors and Designers of Zhejiang Province, 4 Outstanding Engineers of China, 10 Awardees of the Young Architect Prize of the Architectural Society of China; 122 National First Class Certified Architects, 81 First Class Certified Structural Engineers, 26 Certified Planning Engineers, and 168 other Certified Designers.

The mission of UAD is to create harmonious environments, a global vision, complete services, and the highest professionalism. During the past decades, UAD has always persisted in creating fine and innovative works, contributing a large number of outstanding works in various fields. Over the years, it has won more than 1200 awards for outstanding design, excellent projects or research outcomes at national, ministerial, and provincial levels, as well as 18 international awards. Business scope covers: various public and civil architectural design; urban and rural planning and urban design; interior design; landscape architecture and landscape design; municipal public works; geotechnical engineering; curtain wall design; BIM design; light environment design; ancient, contemporary, and modern building repair and protection as well as cultural relics protection planning; steel structure design; underground space design; construction project general contracting; engineering consulting and energy conservation assessment for all civil construction projects.

UAD actively and extensively seeks international academic exchanges and joint engineering designs, having cooperated with well-known design companies or firms from the United States, Britain, Germany, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Japan, the Netherlands and other countries to complete a variety of architectural designs.

Since its establishment, UAD has always persisted in combining design, teaching and research. Based on the resources of Zhejiang University, UAD relies on Academicians of the China Academy of Engineering and the China Academy of Sciences to support the blossoming architectural creations and the active participation in competitions. UAD was awarded Top-One Hundred Architectural Design Institutes in China, Top Innovative Surveying and Design Company, Top-Ten Research and Design Company in Hangzhou, and was among the first members of the National Engineering Practice and Education Center.

Over the past 66 years, UAD has always adhered to the spirit of “seeking truth and innovation” and followed “Excellence and Perfection” as its quality guideline, dedicated to providing quality designs and services for all sectors of the community, and striving to achieve the core values of “design creates common value”.

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