Open Road Center for Campground

Southwest View of the Building
Foto © Hao Chen
South East View of the Building
Foto © Hao Chen
North View of the Building with Closed Facade
Foto © Hao Chen
Entrance Plaza and Reception
Foto © Hao Chen
Activity Space and Greenery
Foto © Hao Chen
View from the Reception
Foto © Hao Chen
Main Space with Light-weight Movable Furniture
Foto © Hao Chen
Light Travels Through the Full-height Interior Wall
Foto © Hao Chen
Reception and VIP Deck
Foto © Hao Chen
Continuous Wood Structure and Steel Beam
Foto © Hao Chen
Model Study - Overlay
Model Study - Space and Structure
Boyuan Road, Jiading, Shanghai
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1 - 5 pisos
Shanghai International Automobile City (Group) Co. Ltd
Yanfei Shui, Yichi Su, Yuanrong Ma, Wenting Zhang, Yuan Lv, Jeffrey Wong

The building sits in a Recreational Vehicle campground at the north of the Shanghai Auto Expo Park. Since 1936 when the first Airstream “Clipper” was born in California, RV camping has been winning wide popularity among west-ern families. Loved by a small part of Chinese families, RVs are considered to have great potential in China. With the support from Shanghai International Automobile City (SAIC) and Campgrounds of China, the building was not only conceived to be a management support for the campground, but also a culture club that promotes the RV lifestyle to a wider audience.

The irregular quadrangle footprint responds to its surroundings. The closed back blocks the city traffic to its north, while the open façade faces the greenery of the park on the south. This club is intended for both the club members and the general public, therefore the building is seeking a balance between exclusiveness and inclusiveness. The structural design works in concert with space’s nature of compatibility: The entity is supported by the steel structure and wrapped by a Douglas fir system from the pitched roof to the facade walls. The upper part of the full height wall in the main space is built with perforated panels. In this way, it subtly connects the spaces on the two sides of the wall when light travels through slightly and reveals the hidden steel frame inside.

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