ATELIER XUK is a young design organization, core members have years of study and working experience in Switzerland, and also participated in both teaching at prestigious universities in China and practicing in large architectural design institute.

ATELIER XUK views itself as a section in the world of Chinese modern architecture: covers architectural studies field, grand architectural research institute and individual design studio firm.

The main tasks of ATELIER XUK include international collaborated projects, local grand projects, and also individual private exquisite designs and projects (including interior design).

Construction is the most basic starting point of ATELIER XUK, and the persistence towards construction allows XUK to achieve excellence in different areas. In the field of studies, ATELIER XUK works with universities and famous schools in Switzerland. In the practical area, XUK insists on careful investigation during designing stage and challenges the constructional ability of design ideas, and traces the footprints until the project is completed.

No matter it is for education or practical projects, ATELIER XUK always works from a perspective of creative judgment to realize its contribution and influence within the metabolism of architectural culture.

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