2010 Shanghai EXPO Village Planning

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Historically, E-18 area was a shoal zone and has been a wharf decades ago. Recently it is featured by clusters of high-rise residential buildings and skyscrapers.

Based on the historical, present, and planning of Shanghai, we made a series of researches of stratification, overlapping, and juxtaposing, including road network, water system, greeneries, historical changes, urban texture, and the feelings of materials. Such researches deepen our understanding of the city. Indeed the project is based on some of the conclusions from the research.

The oversimplification design of the riverside in both preindustrial and modern eras creates stiff and boring waterfront lines. As in any place in the world, how to rediscover the harmonious relationship between land and water become one of our primary concerns.

The industrial relic is an important part of Shanghai’s urban memory. We choose to preserve the relic by means of the rust hues of the concrete mixed with iron sands.

The periphery and central greenery are interrelated. The form of the landscape reflects the open attitude and breaks up the existing isolation on the waterfront.

As the result, the riverside is returned to the citizens and the landscape of Huangpu River is permeating deeper into the land.

Mainly composed of residence building and partly public buildings. It will become part of the show areas during the Expo 2010. The proposal prevents the loss of humanity by the unduly separation of public and private areas, instead, we encourage the dialogue between the public and the private.

A series of waterfront building in the form of traditional Chinese gates is a metaphor of Shanghai opening to the world. By encouraging the dialogue between Puxi and Laochengxiang areas, also symbolizes the passageway of the Huangpu Rive area from the past to the future.

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