Fang Suo Rural

Da Nan Po
Approach Architecture Studio
Da Nan Po

Fang Suo Rural @ Da Nan Po is a renovation of a single-story house situated to the south of the original Da Nan Po Village Center building complex. One side of the building faces the main square of the village centre, while the other side overlooks a sunken courtyard. As a key structure linking the main square and the sunken courtyard, the design incorporated an extension on the side facing the sunken courtyard and added an outdoor staircase providing access to the sunken courtyard area.
Internally, the building was adapted to accommodate the functions of a new bookstore and café. A longitudinal corridor, penetrating through bookshelf walls, was implemented to form a "fishbone" layout. This spatial arrangement effectively divided the well-lit areas into distinct semi-private spaces using bookshelf partitions, catering to different user groups. (Henan, 2020) (Photo: Zhu Rui, Zuo Jing Studio, Approach Architecture Studio)

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