Approach Architecture Studio

Students’ Lounge at Eurasia University

Shaanxi, 2013

The Eurasia University Lounge project aims to provide a new "living room" for four old student dormitories, which can serve as an informa...

Atelier XI

Peach Hut

Jiaozuo, 2020

In the beginning, the architect received the original commission to design a 300-square-meter public building forfacilitatingthe county’s...

Parallect Design

“Sky Gallery” Aerial Study Room

Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, 2020

Located at the intersection between the busy Suzhou archaic zone and Wuzhong district, when lights lit up at nightfall, sky gallery, the ...

DUTS Design Shanghai Office

English Giraffe in Shanghai

Shanghai, 2019

Classroom floating in the air---Space Design for English Giraffe in Shanghai In 2018, the English Giraffe Elite campus settled in Xuhui ...

DUTS Design Shanghai Office

Flowing Chapter---Space Renovation Design for…

Shanghai, 2020

Flowing Chapter---Space Renovation Design for English Giraffe in Qiantan, Shanghai Children are our future. In a multi-dimensional world...

Lemanarc SA

Meteorology Satellite Centre of Beijing

Beijing, 2007

Further information to be added shortly.

Schmidt Hammer Lassen

Energy Ring

Shenzhen, 2016-2022

Set to open in 2022 on the outskirts of Shenzhen, China, the 112,645 square-metre Energy Ring will be the largest waste-to-energy plant o...




项目位于杭州西部一个葱郁的山谷里,是太阳公社的一个社区营地。太阳公社是一个针对中国城市化现象,推广可持续农业和健康生活方式的机构。叠术建筑事务所受邀在山谷的核心地区设计了太阳公社的社区营地,为城市居民提供一个教育的平台。 山谷长三公里,遍布竹林和稻田,居住着约100户农民。...

Peiquan Ma, Yuan Liu, Jing Cheng, Yuxuan Liang, Zi'ang Li Shreeni Benjamin - YTAA 2020 Asia Winner

The Wall - Children’s Teaching Restaurant

Xiamutang village, Ji 'an city, 2019

This project was built in 2019 by AHO`s Scarcity and Creativity Studio (SCS) and Architecture School of Tianjin University. It is located...


Qkids English Center

Xiamen, 2020

Qkids, a hugely successful online education platform, known for its high-quality online English courses to so far to more than 800,000 st...

3andwich Design / He Wei Studio

Twelve-Roomed School of Beauty

Weihai, 2018

A Twelve-Roomed School of Beauty: Moderate Architectural Intervention with Skillful Usage of Mountain Rocks The Twelve-Roomed School of...

Atelier TeamMinus

Aranya Qixing Youth Camp

Qinhuangdao, 2016

The building is built for Qixing Education, a successful Chinese company that offers summer and winter school programs for children and t...

Wang Weijen Architecture

Student Center, The Chinese University of Hong…

Shenzhen, 2017

The student center of Shenzhen Campus of Chinese University of Hong Kong inherited the vertical yard and the horizontal corridors from tr...

AZL Atelier Zhanglei

Librairie Avant-Garde,Ruralation Library

Tonglu, 2015

Located in Daijiashan Village,Eshan She Nationality Township of Tonglu, Zhejiang Province, the Avant-Garde Ruralation Library is the 11th...

Atelier Deshaus

Qingpu Youth Center

Shanghai, 2012

Qingpu Youth Center is located in eastern new town of Qingpu. Compared with the old town, the new town of Qingpu hugs a larger scale with...


Soyoo Joyful Growth Center

Zhengzhou, 2015

At Soyoo children choose their journey through different colored “tube” pathways cut through the rigid layout of the existing building. ...


Family Box Qingdao

Qingdao, 2015

Smart volumes and smart spaces are filled with a variety of elements to engage children to play and learn.Scaled for children to climb, c...


Swiss Green Tower


The Swiss Green Tower is conceived as a mixed-use, sustainable technology hub – bringing together companies in construction, energy...

Studio Georges Hung

Conference Table

Hong Kong, 1996

Conference table: 240cm X 150cm

WAI Architecture Think Tank

Institute of Optimistic Architectures


In the form of a monolithic cube, the Institute of Optimistic Architectures encloses a network of dynamic spaces of a laboratory for arch...


Jiading Science and Cultural Exhibition Center

Shanghai, 2011

This project is in collaboration with standardarchitecture. The project locates in the Jiading New City, one of the most developed ...

OPEN Architecture

Gehua Youth and Cultural Center

Qinhuangdao, 2012

This pioneer youth and cultural center is located in Beidaihe, a seaside town with exceptional historical and cultural significance. The ...

Pu Miao

New Jiangwan Ecological Exhibition Center

Shanghai, 2005

Site and Program On the north edge of Shanghai city, an isolated wetland of about 10 hectares has remained undistu...

Schneider + Sendelbach

BMW Training Center Shanghai

Shanghai, 2009

Das BMW Training Center Shanghai, das größte seiner Art in Asien, wird am 11.05.09 offiziell eröffnet. In der Industriezo...

Urbanus Architecture & Design

Vanke experimental Center

Shenzhen, 2006

Vanke Experiment Center (VEC) is located in the east exhibition hall of Vanke Architecture Research center, Shenzhen. The project is to c...

AZL Atelier Zhanglei

Model Animal Research Center

Nanjing, 2007

The ideas of the office and laboratory building focus on the discipline among various parts of utilization as well as the internal and ex...


Guangdong Science Center

Guangzhou, 2003

The scheme for the project inspired by two rolling water drops, the building captures the elements of mystery, unpredictability and dynam...

HWP Planungsgesellschaft

Lehrkrankenhaus der Medizinischen Fakultät…

Wuhan, 2012

Auftraggeber Huazhong Universität für Naturwissenschaften und Technik Standort Wuhan, China Zeitraum 2006 bis 2010 Nutzung Funktionsdi...

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