Shenyang HB Art Center

Shen Yang, 2109-2020

The Project site is located in the downtown area of Shenyang, Liaoning Province, China. The site is only a few steps away from the Shenya...

Village-Cell regeneration

Nanjing, 2018

Explore the reuse of the Chinese village into all people service mode.

Nanjing Youth Palace

Nanjing, 2017-2019

Located at the heart of Nanjing downtown, the project was commissioned to express the contemporary image of Nanjing City. As a core part ...

Tao Hua Wu

Suzhou, 2009

This project, a renovation of abandoned workshops built in the 1950’s, forms an office community to serve creativity businesses. It...

POD-Jiangsu Software Park

Nanjing, 2009

This building community is designed to serve companies of various scales. The planning process quotes the POD concept so that each buildi...

Box Building-Art Gallery

Nanjing, 2004

The original accented relief is preserved. Four box-shaped blocks form the building that is slotted into the landscape.

Golden Land Business Building


The façade of this office building encompasses pre-cast concrete integrated with windows dislocated in one module. This creates a shadow ...

Egg Tower


The three egg shaped tower, on the mountains of Ninghai near Ningbo city, tries to emulate the notion of nature and mountainous terrain a...

Green City-South Nanjing New Town


The green bridge connect to most of city block, and continue to the renovated air port runway park to sustain a green city with existing ...

Zhongshan Office Park


The small scale Buildings for the self-support company to develop.

Riverside Courtyard


The planning and design of the courtyard appropriately corresponds to its name, and fluently combines traditional architectural styles of...

Nanyou Elementary School and High School


The façade of the elementary school uses red coloured concrete, whereas the high school uses black.