UPDATING CHINA Exhibition, Zendai Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai, 2010
MahaNakhon launch exhibition, Bangkok, Thailand, 2009
Conference: Designing the Hybrid City

Keynote Speaker, Shanghai Dutch Culture Center(DCC), 2010

[META:HUTONGS] Workshop: the Meta-Evolution of Hutongs as Urban Emergence, Beijing, 2012
3rd-i Future Cities, Rotterdam-Shanghai Twin-City Workshop, 2010
CUBE Exhibition, Brazos Bookstore, Houston, 2005
Urban Contradictions

V_2 Lecture Series, MK Gallery, Rotterdam, 2010

Architecture China - The 100 Contemporary Projects, Reiss-Engelhorn museum, Mannheim, Germany, 2012

Dalian University of Technology(DUT),2012

Time Scale in Local Construction

UPDATING CHINA Forum, Tongji University, 2010

Designing of Huludao Beach Exhibit Center

UED Architecture Savour, Huludao, 2012

Notes on The Scale of Space

ALSO SPACE, Beijing, 2009

ALSO SPACE Exhibition, Beijing, 2009
School+ WORKSHOP: Finland-Beijing architecture exchange on educational spaces, Tsinghua University, Beijing, 2012
3rd-i Virtual City (with V2_ and eARTS), Shanghai Dutch Culture Center(DCC), 2010
Margaret Everson-Fossi Fellowship Exhibition, Farish Gallery, Houston, 2005