Julien Lanoo

International Bamboo Architecture…

Baoxi, 2016

Located in rural China, south of Shanghai, Baoxi is a village designed by 12 renowned architects. Built in response to the local environm...

LWPAC - Lang Wilson Practice in Architecture Culture

Kang Quan

Beijing, China, 2003

The Kang Quan Pavilion, located in Beijing China, was designed as a multipurpose community facility. Its initial function was as a sales ...

Clàudia Carreras Oliver - YTAA 2016 Finalist

Living in a cultural environment


Sociocultural center and artistic residency "The aim of this project is to create a cultural and social ...

Kengo Kuma & Associates

China Academy of Arts’ Folk Art Museum

Hangzhou, 2015

The Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) in Beijing and China Academy of Art in Hangzhou serve a central role in the field of art educatio...

Praxis d'Architecture

Spring Art Museum

Beijing, 2015

Our clients for this project are from local who believe in contemporary art, and intended the museum to be a platform to promote ...

Praxis d'Architecture

Ice House

Beijing, 2006

This exhibition space was required to share a space with a blues jazz bar already in operation. The jazz bar was in a historical location...


Shanghai Auto Museum – Collection Pavilion

Shanghai, 2014

Der Collection Pavilion inszeniert Meilensteine der Automobilentwicklung aus den Jahren 1900 bis 1975. Das Raumbild entspricht einem exkl...


Fong Yuen Study Hall

Tsuen Wan, 2008

Tourism and Chinese Cultural Centre cum Ma Wan Residents Museum. This project is about memory – Fong Yuen S...


Tower of colony

The Huashan Prairie, 2012

Exhibit at the NEXT PLAY : Shifting Ground Exhibition: Taipei 臺北未來生活居概念展 THE EVENT – The Colony Project is...


German Pavilion Expo 2010 (local architect)

Shanghai, 2010

The munich-based architecture firm Schmidhuber contracted Playze to be their local architect partner for the execution of the german pavi...

Miralles/Tagliabue - EMBT

Spanish Pavilion for Expo Shanghai 2010

Shanghai, 2010

The Spanish Pavilion for the 2010 World Expo of Shanghai sought to reflflect upon the Spanish climate, as well as to recover the extraord...

Stücheli Architekten

Taichung City Cultural Center

Taichung, 2013

Das neue Kulturzentrum für Taichung im Westen von Taiwan vereint die Bibliothek und das Kunstmuseum in einem präzis gesetzten q...



Yangzhou, 2013

Location of the project: Wantou village of Yanzhou, has been famous for its tradition of Jade carving. Local government planed to turn...

OMA - Office for Metropolitan Architecture

Shanghai LuJiaZui Exhibition Centre

Shanghai, 2015

The Lujiazui Exhibiton Centre is located on the northern and most recent development of Shanghai Pudong, along the Huangpu River, one of ...

BaO Architects

Pink Tower

Beijing, 2014

BaO was invited by the Beijing Design Week to design and build an installation for the 2014 Dashilar BJDW pop-up forum space hosting a se...

BaO Architects

Xiao Feng Museum


The museum is entirely dedicated to the work of the painter Xiao Feng and his wife Song Ren. The building was supposed to be built on a s...

Form4 Architecture

Lyrical Seashore: Kaohsiung Maritime Cultural &…

Kaohsiung, 2010

The design for this cultural center embraces a sizable portion of the city’s harbor in one sweeping move. Operating as architecture...

Form4 Architecture

Luminous Moon-Gate

Taichung City, 2013

Luminous Moon-Gate was designed in 2013 for the Taichung City Cultural Center International Competition. The design intent behind the pro...

Rob Mothershed [Architects]



The direction and forces of nature remain illusive. Man cannot predict how the earths layers will fold and meld. The next major sets of c...

Rob Mothershed [Architects]

Kinmen Passenger Ferry Terminal


The ancient village of China and Taiwan has a new planning paradigm. The new waterfront site (designed by AECOM, working with JihYuehChen...

Rob Mothershed [Architects]

TPAC - Taipei Pefroming Arts Center


The new performing art center attempted to create a rich gathering of massive program areas. There are three theatres that share an inter...

Rob Mothershed [Architects]

Tittot - Museum of Glass

Taipei City

Conceiving of a Garden physiology. The project began as a prototype entry and as the open call for entries was extended, a specific site,...


Qingdao World Horticultural Expo Theme Pavilion

Qingdao, 2014

Following selection in the 2011 competition UNStudio’s World Horticultural Expo Theme Pavilion in Qingdao has been realised. ...

Studio Georges Hung

Sanya Phoenix Island - Commercial-Leisure…


Situated on the resort themed island, Phoenix Island, the Leisure-Commercial -cultural centre is designed to be the main destination poin...

Studio Georges Hung

Poly Cultural Centre

Shenzhen, 2009

The design of the Poly Cultural Centre is a response to the ambition of the China Poly Group and the district of Nansan in Shenzhen to cr...

Studio Georges Hung

Nanshan Art Gallery

Shenzhen, 2010

Invited competition submission for an important district art gallery complex dedicated to promoting and showcasing contemporary chinese a...

Schaller Architekten Stadtplaner BDA

Tianjin Zhangjiawo New Town Residential…

Tianjin , 2007

Im Herzen der Siedlung liegt am Haupteingang des ersten Bauabschnittes das Clubgebäude der "Society Hill" Residence. Die k...

Studio Gang

Taipei Pop Music Center

Taipei, 2010

The Twenty-first Century is an age of electronic connectivity that radically expands pop music's audience, but simultaneously threate...

Platform for Architecture + Research

Taichung Cultural Center

Taichung City

The new Taichung Cultural Center, TCC, located within the Taichung Gateway District will house two regional agencies the public library a...

Cox Architecture

National Maritime Museum of China


This project won the international competition to design China’s new National Maritime Museum to be located in the port city of Tia...

Architectural Lighting Group (ALG)

Taiwan Hakka Culture Development Center

Taiwan, 2012

Lighting Design for new Hakka Museum It was government project to built museum function to preserve and to research Hakka ...

JKMM Architects

Shanghai Expo 2010 Finland Pavilion “Kirnu”

Shanghai, 2011

The Finnish pavilion at Shanghai World Expo 2010 is called “Kirnu” (“Giant’s Kettle”).  Kirnu won firs...

Kengo Kuma & Associates

Xinjin Zhi Museum

Chengdu, 2011

This pavilion is located at the foot of Laojunshan mountain in Xinjin, to usher in the people to the holy place of Taoism, while the buil...

WAI Architecture Think Tank



Catalyst Can architecture be an urban catalyst? How to regenerate an urban zone with interventions of specific forms of architectu...

WAI Architecture Think Tank

WAI Conceptual Projects


WAI Architecture Think Tank is constantly striving to develop tools that could contribute to the collective intelligence of architecture....

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