Foto © Christian Richters
Foto © Joop van Houdt
Foto © Joop van Houdt
Foto © Joop van Houdt
Foto © Joop van Houdt
Foto © Joop van Houdt


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Den Bosch, USA
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RWS Bouwdienst Afdeling Bruggenbouw

A2 highway lane extension from 2x2 to 2x3, sound barriers and landscaping

UNStudio: Ben van Berkel and Gerard Loozekoot with Eric den Eerzamen, Jacques van Wijk and Ton van den Berg, Markus Berger, Jeroen Tacx, Andreas Bogenschütz, Khoi Tran, Robert Munz, Christian Bergman, Ramon Hernandez, Colette Parras, Eric Copoolse, Katrin Hartel, Ken Okwondo, Marcel Buis

The re-shaping of A2 provides an opportunity to introduce a more consistent visual aspect to this stretch of motorway. The main aim of the design is to work within a broad, urban architectural vision of integrality and coherence, whilst providing this important route with a recognizable identity. This identity is expressed through the efficiency in the design of the various elements by way of a simple concept which lends itself to repetition. The structural elements are durable and low-maintenance while the detailing is designed to withstand the effects of weathering and pollution. The concrete sound barriers are clad in a continuous relief, while the transparent barriers are printed with this same pattern; an abstracted migrating bird which alludes to the identity of the A2 as a section of the European route Amsterdam – Palermo.

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