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写真 © Studio 6
写真 © Studio 6
写真 © Studio 6
写真 © Studio 6
写真 © Studio 6
写真 © Studio 6
写真 © Studio 6
写真 © Studio 6
写真 © Studio 6
Vermilion Zhou Design

Chen Man, known as an international visual artist and fashion photographer, has a strong oriental sense on her works, which express interesting contrast between virtuality and reality. “Powerful” and “Bold” seem to be synonymous with her. However, the contrastive expression is just one side of Chen Man's works. “No steady tactics in Art and Literature; no certain style is what I am." It is the definition made by herself and her expectation for the new office.
At the beginning of the cooperation, the first thing our client mentioned was not about the visual style, but the reflection of the experience at domestic or foreign studios. For photographers, assistants, and the person being shot, they are all under concentration and tense in the filming process.The environment greatly affects everyone working in this place. As aresult, our priority is to sort out the functional requirements of users in each space and arrange them reasonably.
In terms of layouts, the open circulation effectively improves the shuttle for the staff and equipment. Instead of solid walls, spaces are separated by the glass,which allows people to grasp each other's position in short time. Meanwhile, the open environment can soothe people's anxiety. In the middle of the studio,there is an atrium that let the natural light enters, which makes it as a visually transparent, but non-interfering workplace. Besides the filming areas, we've also designed an employee food bar area in order to make staff here feel more ease. It's a transitional area for break or reception.
In addition to the needs of employees, how the people being photographed feel are also valued. Privacy and comfort for the photographed are the other important design requirements. Studio 6 completes many fabulous works around the world. At the beginning of establishing the new studio, they specifically mentioned about the comparison of the experience between domestic and foreign studios. We hope that the new studio can take care of every user and make each of them feel and work in comfortable mood.
Shooting always takes lots of spirit. However, we believe that it is necessary to create a quiet, settled world for this space. "Blank-leaving" is the highlight design of Canoone. Without preconception can our client continue to create more possibilities. Responding to Chen Man once mentioned: "Beauty is unspeakable and undefinable." Only space without boundary could possibly breed the unbounded mind and spirit.


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