Sichuan International Tennis Center

Founded in year 2000 and focusing on the frontier of architectural practice on the background of China’s characteristic urbanization ,ATELIER L+ has ever since devoted itself to the construction at various scales and the innovation of paradigm for Chinese contemporary architecture. It has created works in the vanguard based on reality with the strategy of Critical Intervention.

ATELIER L+ has achieved explicit theoretical definition and discourse through Construction of Nature Based System which constructs the ontological system based on responses to the local climate and natural elements. It is called Responsive Ontology by the architects. The ontology involves complex relations among society, nature, city and architecture. It aims at an artificial natural system. It’s the creative integration of ontological system (function, space and tectonic), natural system (energy, matter and environment), and social system (reality, strategy and operation). The key discourses for the practice of ATELIER L+ includes Void and Vanishing, Conglomerate and Frame, Program and Mega-structure, Verticalism and Density, Scale and Perception, Promenade and Site, Energy and Climate, Performance and Generativity, Matter and Tectonic, System and Operation. The practice of ATELIER L+ includes researching and architectural practicing.

ATELIER L+ has become an active architecture team during the15 years’ practice with dynamic contemporary China as its back drop .There are more than 30 public projects that have been constructed or under construction, including city landmark, urban regeneration and various types of architectures such as culture, education, office, sports, complex, sky-scrapers and so on. ATELIER L+ has established a great professional fame and achieved various significant international or national awards through the sustainable realization of works of high quality.

TJAD/Tong ji Architectural Design (Group) Co., Ltd. and CAUP/ College of Architecture and the Urban Planning of Tong ji University have provided strong technical and academic support for ATELIER L+. It has remained an international platform through collaboration of academic study and practice with Graduate School of Design of Harvard University, the famous Spanish firm Abalos + Sentkiewicz and other international institutions.

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