GSL China

Hangzhou, 2020

BÜRO KLK wurde vom Architekturbüro HEXIA (CHN) eingeladen, zwei sakrale Bauwerke und einen Kunstpavillon für das beträchtliche Naherholun...

dongqi Design


Shanghai, 2018

dongqi Architects renovated the concept store of ANZHI to promote its brand identity. The store is located on the top floor of an industr...

DGJ Landscapes

Da Yao Wang Si Buddhist Temple

Anren, 2013

The Da Yao Wang Buddhist Temple is dedicated to the King Emperor Shennong, legendary known as the Herbs Emperor according to the traditio...

Atelier TeamMinus

Jianamani Visitor Center

Yushu, 2010

Yushu is a highly regarded religious center to Tibetans. Its significance comes mainly from Jianamani, the world's largest Tibetan Buddhi...

Vector Architects

Seashore Chapel

Beidaihe New District, 2015

We imagine the Seashore Chapel as an old boat drifting on the ocean long time ago. The ocean receded through time and left an empty struc...

Think Evolution Architecture


Hubei, 2015

The client's initial brief was simply to design a church complex in this green hilly site of this 3rd/4th tier Chinese city. We developed...


Jixian Buddhism Development

Tianjin, 2012

Vision for the Buddhist Retreat  A place to promote exchange on knowledge and wisdom A place to...


Shaohua Mountain National Forest Park and…

Weinan, 2012

Natural scenic spot, Heritage protection and utilization, Landscape planning, Tourism planning, Architectural design.

Pu Miao

Zhuting Church

Zhuzhou, 2002

Located next to a mountain path, this rural church responds to its narrow site with a zigzag spatial sequence that generates the much nee...

Approach Architecture Studio

Beijing Suburb Chapel

Beijing, 2007

Project description: This Christian Chapel, located in Beijing Suburb, is trying to combine Western and Eastern religion spatial s...

Scenic Architecture

Jingze Church

Jingze, 2006

The site locates within the preserved area of this historical water town.  The church will serve about 500 Christians from Jingze to...

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