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Chinese Commercial Counsellor's Office in Sri Lanka

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Av. Horton, 01500 Colombo, Sri Lanka

Counsellor's office is located in the embassy area of Colombo in Sri Lankan, the environment is elegant, but the site is long and narrow. The rooms on each floor of the office building have their own functions. Effectively integrating and separating these functional spaces, with the horizontal and vertical traffic organization through the hall corridor on the north side, then it forms a solemn and elegant north facade facing the street and a pleasant south facade facing the inner courtyard. In addition to the lighting from the north and south sides and roof, it minimize the window of the east-west side to reduce interference from the surrounding. To make the living environment more intimate and livable, the apartment building are arranged in the deepest south end of the site. The courtyard with landscape can be find in the north and south side of the apartment. The office building, the green landscap, and the auxiliary building in the front of the site form the progressive effect of building groups and landscape yards; the north side of the apartment and the south side of the office building are well-proportioned and echo of each other. Creating beautiful and comfortable living space, the relationship between architecture and courtyard is more abundant. Quietly and harmoniously, the architecture and landscape intertwine, thus the order of the whole courtyard interprets of the mood of the eastern humanistic.


Project name: Chinese Commercial Counsellor's Office in Sri Lanka
Location: Colombo,Sri Lankan
Architects in charge: ZHANG Hetian, ZHANG Hong
Floor Area: 3050.81m2
Photography: ZHANG Hetian
Year: 2015-2018
Completion Date: 2018

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