Heyue Pedestrian bridge

ADARC exists for practicing contemporary architecture.

ADARC design studio was founded in Texas, USA, 1996. The studio was originally developed to investigate theoretical and experimental thoughts in architecture and humanities.

ADARC has shifted its main design force to Hong Kong since 2003 and now is a professional architectural practice with sparkling energy, creativity and international vision.

Since 2005, ADARC has started collaborations with various design firms from the US and Australia, under the brand name of ADARC Design Group.

The primary objective of forming the group is to achieve multi-disciplinary synergy among variety of professions, and to initiate collaborating effects that help leading to more comprehensive solutions for different kinds of project challenges.

Given the fact that demand on architectural design service in Greater China has been increasingly strong, ADARC in 2007 set up its China office jointly with PRC Class One Design Institute in southern China, offering full spectrum services across the Nation from concept design to construction stages.

ADARC design core in Hong Kong is teamed up by international architects and designers with multicultural design flair. To promote architectural excellence and outstanding design services is the fundamental objective that has been deeply planted into the corporate culture of ADARC.

Demarcated from many of the main-stream design corporations, aggressively developing firm size and its commercial earning power is not the ultimate goal of ADARC. The surviving strategy of ADARC is focusing on the delivery of value-added solution to the clients and to the community.

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