Laboratory building

TM Studio

Location: YueHu Road, Suzhou

Design: 7/2003-9/2004

Architect: TONG Ming

Site area: 20.000 m2

Floor area: 23.000 m2

The laboratory building is the latest project at the Wenzheng College in Suzhou. In account of a number of important laboratory rooms and equipment in this building, the security and safe-guard system was stressed by the university. The scheme was transformed from an enclose block to a spine-supported one, which was sited on a square of water. The auxiliary spaces (such as staircases, elevators, storerooms, coffee rooms, toilets, etc.), which would be scattered everywhere in the building, are collected and integrated into a grand space of the corridor. The grand corridor was then connected by solid tubes with two other strips of functional rooms, thus to improve the efficiency of the public space and result in an interesting architecture form.

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