Shanghai Art Biennale 2010


Urban ruins remind us that the Chinese society ought to no longer depend on its material permanence to ensure its cultural identity, but that it must count on the intangible substance which is the memory of its people, the immateriality of their repeated gestures, and the fragility of their words and thoughts.

Our ambition is to provide a feeling of re-appropriation and emancipation of local culture, so that everyone may have a more generous outlook on the world in which they evolve. It is indeed at the crossroads between archi¬tecture and anthropology that we wish to intervene. We choose to investigate reality; we concentrate on the memory of men and women and on their local culture as the main cultural elements of a human community.

Model: 200cm x 200cm – composed by 1000 slices of 2mm grey carton board laser burned

Movies: 3 movies: city/site/monument 2.56 min

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