The Embracing Ring: Yisabu Dokdo Memorial Park


The main notion behind the design proposition is to link up several volumes within the site to unify them as a collective entity. Symbolically, the gesture also represents the unification of ancient Korea by General Yisabu. The ring weaves the old and new fabric together to create clearer definition of the new development. The ring expands and contracts to connect itself with the existing roofscape; and to create adequate amount of space for various programs.
The existing volumes are selected and retained for their aesthetic and cultural value –the vernacular roof. With their volume protruding on plan, programs are inserted under these roofs; with the intricate structure retained. These volumes are connected via a ring with various widths to create a diversity in spatial quality both internally and externally. External pocket spaces are created where volumes are closely packed together. The largest volume, which is a new one; houses the symbolic Yisabu Exhibition Hall. This results in a hierarchy among the fluid roofscape.
The ring is divided into three zones spread across the site– the visitor centre, Yisabu Dokdo exhibition space and the Art and Culture Village. Due to the current traffic and diversity in programs along Saecheonnyeon-doro, the visitor centre is placed nearest to the public, fronting the bustling street to receive visitors and tourists. The Yisabu Dokdo exhibition spaces are grouped at the southeastern side facing the Obun Port due to its historical significance as a point of departure to Dokdo. The Art and Culture Village is slightly reorganized by re-purposing certain existing shops and houses into art pavilions, workshops with artists’ residence above and gallery. These shops and houses are carefully selected and curated to maximize social opportunities and public engagement through their placement, orientation, and the resulting open spaces. New private residences would be provided around the area in exchange for the spaces used.

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