Novartis Shanghai Campus - Block C6

Exterior - South Elevation
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照片 © ArchExist
Interior - Entrance Lobby
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Interior - Courtyard
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Interior - Courtyard and Stairs
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Exterior - Entrance
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Detail - Rebirth Brick
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Jiakun Architects
China Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research Co.Ltd
Liu Jiakun, Wang Lun, Liu Su, Zhang Can, Li Wenting, Luo Hong, Wu Luyi, Zhang Tong, Li Jing, Zhou Kaiyu, Fang Xianhao, Liang Congpei, Teng Zhenruo, Xiao Dijia

Each building in Novartis Shanghai campus is designed by the architects from different countries. It is expected that with different personalities coming from various cultural back-grounds, they could express their different understandings of future laboratory/ office buildings and create a nice and comfortable environment with feelings of different cultures and promoting communication.

C6 Building is designed with open area layout which provides large, open and flexible space for office use; and at meantime, a few of relatively private personal meeting space for discussion are scattered among big open space.

The design aims to create several meeting points to encourage communication within office, which can greatly result in more possibilities for new ideas and enhance work efficiency; these communication areas include an inner large open courtyard on ground level, an atrium space which go all the way through from 1st to the 6th floor, a vertical green wall, a Scape-stair, a sunny Leisure Area on the 6th level, and a coffee area as well as a veranda/balcony for relaxing and interaction on each typical floor level.

Sustainable materials such as rebirth brick and laminated bamboo are intensively used on the building, which can generate environmentally friendly, natural and warm feeling for the users. They can be also conserving energy, cost effective and having good and long-lasting qualities.


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