Hangzhou Citizen Center

Hangzhou, 2015

The projectstoodout among 69 international programs and was implemented. Hangzhou Citizen Center is a mega block structure composed of si...

Weber Hofer Partner Architekten

Council Building City Civic Center Taichung

Taichung, 2013


Tongxian Gate House

Beijing, 2003

Thirty miles from Beijing, a community of over 200 Chinese artists of international recognition lacked a public institution or space that...

Zephyr Architects

Donghu Civic Center

Wuhan, 2012

This project assignment included the development of administrative quarters as well as a citizen and enterprise service center for the Do...

Scenic Architecture

Community Pavilion at Jintao Village


Jintao is one of the village units of Dayu village in Malu, Jiading. The village is surrounded by rivers and bamboos. The ...


Hall in town

Tianjin, 2006

This clubhouse is located in Tianjin’s Chinese traditional downtown, which is already demolished and replaced step by step with new...

Atelier Feichang Jianzhu

Shipai Town Hall

Shipai, Dongguan, 2003

Shipai Town Hall, Dongguan, 2002 Shipai is one of the thirty-three townships of Dongguan City in the Pearl River Delta ...

Atelier Z+

Liantang Town Hall

Qingpu, Shanghai, 2007


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