Pudong New District Broadcast TV Center

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Pudong New Area Cultural Radio and Television Center Project is located in Zhoukang area of Pudong New Area, Shanghai, on the west side of Luoshan Road, north of Xiuyan Road. The site is 37 mu from the east to the planning road, west to the planning red line, north from the planning road, south to Xiu Yan Road and Yan Boat Harbor River.

The main partitions of Pudong Radio and Television Center are: broadcasting area, TV business rooms, broadcasting business rooms, shared business rooms for radio and TV, limited network center business and supporting rooms, administrative offices, conference center, supporting rooms for building mechanical and electrical systems, parking garage and the building's own service space - elevators, restrooms, etc.

The functional area of the building is divided into, the space on the bottom 4 floors is mainly used for large and small studios, performing arts rooms, etc. The upper part is due to the office space. Among them, TV business rooms, broadcasting business rooms and rooms shared by both are arranged in the middle of the tower; conferences, administrative offices, etc. are arranged in the upper part of the tower. The first floor is used for parking and building mechanical and electrical rooms. The second basement level is a pure garage.

The whole scheme is inspired by the monolithic square box imagery: we wanted to build a box large enough to hold all the required functions and cut on it to open up the most public areas of the building, such as entrances, corridors and stairwells. These cut-outs are then placed around the façade, and their presence accentuates the building's openings, inviting visitors to discover what is hidden within.

The office tower on the top floor we equipped with a special glass that translates into a lighthouse effect, while the opaque part covering the studio space is supported by an LED solar grid that provides large areas to express visual media, bringing a broader commercial use. The black and white background of the building and the brilliant colors of the display simultaneously signify the evolutionary process of television media development.

In order to monitor, control and measure the various electromechanical equipment in the building, so that the various electromechanical equipment can operate safely, reliably, save energy, save labor and ensure a comfortable environment in the building, the project is also equipped with an intelligent building equipment monitoring system.

The design of the building skin is inspired by the concept of pixels on the TV screen, and the square plate symbolizes pixels, which is in line with the identity of the Cultural Radio and Television Center. In the design of the building façade, the square symbolizing "pixel" is roughly divided into three types according to the distance of protruding façade: 20cm, 60cm and 100cm. The advancement and pulling out of the "pixels" creates a variety of dynamic façade shapes, giving the whole building vitality, like a tumbling dragon that winds up from the northwest of the site and into the clouds.

The stainless steel window frame is supported by a black structural steel frame with external dimensions of 780 x 280 cm, aligned with the main structural system of the building. The outer edge of the steel frame supports a glass panel which is a screen printed with different sizes of white squares, allowing different panes of glass with different shades of white, creating another interesting combination.

The concept of "pixels" is not only expressed in the design of the façade, but also in the design of the landscape. The grid of windows and displays on the façade continues to extend to the ground and plaza, transforming into paving tiles, turf, and diverse landscape settings on the site, reflecting the theme of the entire building and making it more vibrant and alive.

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