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Hyundai Motor
Architectural Design
2 X 4, New York City, USA

Approach Architecture Studio, in collaboration with the American design firm 2X4, has completed the design of the Beijing Hyundai Motor Culture Center, commissioned by Hyundai Motor. Located in the heart of Beijing’s 798 Art District, the project is situated on the northwest side of the Beijing Iberia Contemporary Art Center (now the Beijing Hive Art Center), which was designed by Approach Architecture Studio a decade ago. Like the previous project, the Beijing Hyundai Motor Culture Center is also a converted factory building that serves as a public exhibition space for the Hyundai Motor to showcase and promote innovative energy and sustainable concepts. Unlike conventional exhibition spaces that only showcase artists and designers’ works to promote their ideas, the exhibition hall of the Beijing Hyundai Motor Culture Center strives to demonstrate sustainability by integrating various building technologies and materials with the exhibition space. All feasible green building technologies were evaluated and considered in the design, including geothermal heat pumps, solar chimneys and passive ventilation systems, heat recovery devices at the end of exhaust ventilation, wall insulation upgrades, and high-performance thermal break door and window systems.

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