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Henning Larsen

French International School


The Bulgari Hotel Beijing

Beijing, 2017

This unprecedented complex located along the Liang Ma River is comprised of two modern office towers, an outdoor amphitheater, an exclusi...


10 DESIGN | Huabang International Centre

Guangzhou, 2020

10 DESIGN Creates a New Gateway in Guangzhou 10 DESIGN has created a new iconic destination for Huabang Holdings right in the heart of t...


Tea Valley 17

Anji, 2013 (abandoned)

This is a private retreat in a tea plantation with 6 rooms that share a living and kitchen. Spaces are organised with an array of curved ...


Thousand Island Hut

Qian Dao Hu, 2013

There are three curved enclosed rooms in this small holiday hut situated on a very small peninsula in a lake. One is a bedroom with a pla...

W2 Architects

Village-Cell regeneration

Nanjing, 2018

Explore the reuse of the Chinese village into all people service mode.

Ronald Lu & Partners

Victoria Dockside

Tsim Sha Tsui, 2019

Victoria Dockside is a remodeling development of the former New World Centre, which is one of the ambitious and comprehensive urban remod...


Interior design of resort hotel in JinDing bay,…

Shanwei, 2018

Simple and elegant Aesthetics of Harmony. Space experience of minimalism and simplicity. The Eastern implication of Zen Silence. ........

Environmental Planning Studio

Tibet Hotel Project

Tibet, 2017

Ongoing [design concept] under construction [credit] architect: Ken Hashimoto/EPS Miki Takayama Yasuaki Okada/ Yas Arc...

Lagranja Design

Hotel Madera Signature Suites

Hong Kong , 2012

Our first project in Asia. The top four floors of a new build hotel in Kowloon, a district in Hong Kong and probably the place with the h...

Lagranja Design

Madera Service Apartments

Hong Kong, 2016

The Madera Service Apartments has been the latest achievement of Lagranja Design in Hong Kong. Consisting of the rehabilitation of a 29 f...


10 DESIGN | 9 Dragon Bay Mixed Use Development


The objective of the masterplan which lies on the southern edge of Weihai City is to create a new south city gateway and create a vibrant...

Studio Link-Arc

Shenzhen Avic Fraser Suite Hotel

Shenzhen, 2016

Located in the center of Shenzhen Huaqiangbei district, this project called for the renovation of an existing building into a 200 room bo...


Fushengyu Hotspring Resort

Mian Yang, 2015

This luxury hot spring resort is built around the hilltop of Luo Fu Shan, in Sichuan Province. The site is 300Mu or 21Ha, with 70.000 m2 ...


Shaoxing Guesthouse

Shaoxing, 2008

The renovation of a historic courtyard building next to the house and garden of the famous writer Lu Xun was perceived as a special chall...

Humberto Conde Arq.

The legend of tent - Tent Hotel

Beauy Pine Forest, 2014

The fundamental principles of the proposal are based on understanding the character of the site, its geomorphologic characteristics and i...

Plasma Studio

Datong Twin Towers

Datong, 2010

The given typology of two towers above a rectangular four storey podium–a common typology in China–is a challenge. The two to...


Platinum Hotel

An Keng, 2016

This project is for the courtyard of the hotel which is near a park and an ecological zone. Space is mainly used for the wedding ceremony...

Ronald Lu & Partners


Shanghai, 2022

TODTOWN in the Minhang district of Shanghai resolves a complex range of needs and challenges to create a well connected, mixed-use mini c...

Ronald Lu & Partners

Tianjin CTF Finance Centre

Tianjin, 2018

Tianjin CTF Finance Centre is a 530m tall skyscraper with a total GFA of 389,900 sq. m., consisting of 97-storey towers, 5-storey podium ...


10 DESIGN | Yunnan Hotel


70,000 sqm of mixed use development in Kunming City. Redevelopment of the iconic Yunnan Hotel in a central urban site. Development will i...


10 DESIGN | Jinwan Aviation City International…


10 DESIGN has won the international design competitions for three separate projects in the Jinwan Aviation City of Zhuhai, where aviation...


10 DESIGN | Galaxy Moonbay Renaissance Hotel…


The lakefront vacation resorts  and low density residential community consists of 304,000 sqm of development, providing the Renaissance H...


10 DESIGN | Chongqing Danzishi Central Business…


Four corporate investors have come together to develop the 800,000 sqm Danzishi Central Business District with a common vision to create ...


Penta Hotel Hong Kong, Kowlong

Kowloon, 2013

Boutique Design Hotel in Kowloon, Hong Kong.


Myrtle Garden Hotel

Xiangyang / Hubei, 2014

Form integrated in its surrounding landscape: 形态结合周边环境 The hotel is located in the outskirts of Xiangyang / Hubei and sits on a small hil...

ISA Internationales Stadtbauatelier

Design of the Resort Villa on Qingren Island


The individuation villa area of the Qingren Island rejects popular style which could be found everywhere but calls for unique form for ea...

ISA Internationales Stadtbauatelier

Design of 5-star hotel and hotel apartment…


In the embassy quarter of Beijing, on an estate of 200 m length and 45 m breadth, a high-rise building complex will be developed. The lar...

Vector Architects

Bayuquan Vanke Exhibition Center

Bayuquan, Yingkou, 2013

In the summer of 2012, we were invited by Vanke Group to design their exhibition centre in a seashore park at Bayuquan, Yingkou, China. W...

DBI Design



Located in the Dachi district in Taipei, ‘Yihwa’ is a mixed use urban renewal project comprising of a 5 star hotel, serviced ...

Rocco Design Architects Limited

W Guangzhou Hotel and Residences

Guangzhou, 2013

The W Guangzhou Hotel & Residences complex was designed in 2006 and the construction works began in the next year. After 6 year's con...


Daheguan Guanshanghe

Dalian, 2012


Gingko Bacchus

Chengdu, 2008

Located in the Chengdu, Capital of Sichuan Province in China, the GINGKO BACCHUS Restaurant is a surrealistic blend (respectively “graft”...

Holzer Kobler Architekturen

Zhong Fang Blue Globe Hotel

Jiande, 2014

Der Entwurf für das Zhong Fang Blue Globe Hotel in der Stadt Jiande in der chinesischen Region Hangzhou lehnt sich an den Naturbegriff de...

Franklin Studios Architecture Corp.

Marriott Courtyard

Dalian, 2013

The Marriott Courtyard is part of a high-end multi-use development north of downtown Dalian. The project is part of a larger effort to re...


'Two Towers' - highrise

Shenzhen, 2011

The project is comprised of two towers, the CDB Tower (150 meters) and the Minsheng Financial Tower (120 meters), functioning as new head...

SURE Architecture

Tianjin All-Legend Hotel

Tiajin, 2014

The East Tower and Shenyang East Tower Airport are the memory of eastern Shenyang. The urban design is regenerating airport runway into m...

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