Superimpose Architecture

CO2 Pavilion

Beijing , 2018

Superimpose Architecture designed the CO2 Pavilion for the Beijing Design Week 2018 as an enclosed place for isolation and contemplation ...

Superimpose Architecture

Re-Veil Façade

Changzhi, 2018

Superimpose designed an exhibition centre for Changzhi, a third-tier city in Shanxi Province of China. Under the prevailing economic and ...

CU Office

Jumping City

Beijing, 2007-2013

The new home for Urban Jumpers-future China’s urban life style. Jumping city, in accordance with existing urban socio-spatial structur...

Archi-Union Architects

In -Bamboo

Chongzhou, 2017

The project we completed is a multi-functional rural community cultural center with provisions for exhibitions, hosting conferences, comm...

Superimpose Architecture

Chengdu SOHO 3Q

Chengdu, 2019

Superimpose transformed a shopping mall into a Chengdu-inspired reconfigurable SOHO 3Q. The 3rd and 4th floor of a 12,000 square meter ce...

Superimpose Architecture

The Sky-Cellar


Superimpose designed an exclusive members club and hidden wine cellar for a wine enthusiast. The project is situated at the top floor of ...

Archi-Union Architects

FAB-UNION SPACE on the West Bund

Shanghai, 2015

This project, which is intended to be an impressive space in the city. Although it is micro in scale, Fab-Union Space is powerful enough ...

Superimpose Architecture

The Play-round


Superimpose designed a kindergarten, which encourages kids to explore, play, stimulate their senses and, most importantly, to be active i...

TANZO Space Design

Zhangjiakou Library


WANG Daquan: Zhangjiakou library, creating the spiritual breath of the city Acquire the habit of reading is to construct for yourself ...

Parallect Design

Suzhou Bay Sports Park supporting building…

Suzhou, 2021

In the context of the integration of the Yangtze River Delta, the life of the new districts of Suzhou is differentiated by different indu...

Tanghua Architects & Associates

Shenzhen International Art Design Center (iADC)…

Shenzhen, 2019

Invited by ManJingHua Investments Group and Rocco Design, Tanghua Architect & Associates is appointed to design one of the art arcades of...

Parallect Design

Pine House

Wuxi, 2019

Songlou is located in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China's Tao Capital: Yixing. The surrounding natural environment is very superior. It ...

Superimpose Architecture

Yingtai Campus


Superimpose was invited to participate in the competition for a mixed-use masterplan for a former factory area in Long Hua, Shenzhen. The...


Paradise – Exhibition Design of ‘Selections…

Shenzhen, 2021

"The metropolis serves as a utopia for industrial society. It embraces technology. Every imagination and desire for the future can be rea...

Parallect Design

National Square Automotive Electronics Research…

Suzhou, 2022

The headquarters of Suzhou National Square Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd. is located in the Xiangcheng Economic Development Zone of Suz...

Superimpose Architecture

Re-Veil Interior

Changzhi, 2018

Superimpose’s main design strategy for the ‘City Expo’ was to investigate the original distinctive elements of the factory and insert min...

Superimpose Architecture


Hangzhou, 2018

Inside the rural Tai Yang Valley, West of Hangzhou, the Sun Commune is a local initiative raising awareness of sustainable farming and pr...

Superimpose Architecture

Hangzhou Sky City

Hangzhou, 2020

Superimpose designed a vibrant Transit Oriented Development (TOD) of 78,000 square meters for a joint venture client group of Vanke Hangz...

Superimpose Architecture

The Red Courtyard

Red Courtyard, 2021

Superimpose designed a community-focused mixed-use development for Vanke as the new heart of Beijing’s Yongfeng residential district. The...

CM Design





Dwelling in Hutong

Beijing, 2018

The Birth of MINOR Lab and the Rebirth of a Courtyard Hutongs of the old Beijing are deemed as an authentic urban zone. Located within...

Superimpose Architecture

Community Mountain


Superimpose was named as one of the finalist for three public community centers for the Qianjiang District in Hangzhou. The three project...

Archi-Union Architects

Inkstone House OCT Linpan Cultural Center

Chengdu, 2018

Inkstone House OCT Linpan Cultural Center in Anren, Sichuan is located in the middle of the Linpan area of Anren Town, Dayi County, Cheng...

CM Design

Village In The City - Lane In The Village:…

Shenzhen, 2017

"10.Creative Drink"is an commercial shop renovation project after the "T.LOFT Concept Experience Museum" located in urban village at Futi...

Studio 10

The Qinchang Village Town Hall

Jiaozuo, 2021

The Qinchang Village Town hall is located directly to the east of the Qinchang Village CPC Community Center in Xiuwu County, Jiaozuo, Hen...

WAU Design

120-Division School

Xingxian, 2016

The 120-division School, designed by WAU Design, is completed recently. The school including 72 classrooms, teacher's office, library, le...

Superimpose Architecture

The Skygardens


Superimpose Architecture proposed an elegant office development design with floating 'skygardens' for the Huanglong central district Hang...

Studio 10

Renovation of the Qinchang Village CPC Branch…

Jiaozuo, 2019

The Qinchang Village Community Center is located in Qinchang Village, Xiuwu County,an ancient town in central China, with a history that ...

TANZO Space Design

Guan Zi Zai House

Haidian District, Beijing, 2021

Wang Daquan, Tanzo Space Design: Guan Zi Zai·Suburb House|Modernized Tradition Series "When Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva was practicing...

Parallect Design

Lafine de Paris Wedding Showroom

Suzhou, 2021

Suzhou is the main domestic wedding production center, and Huqiu Wedding City is an important wholesale and retail base based on the indu...

Superimpose Architecture

The Valley


Superimpose Architecture proposed an elegant office development design with a powerful massing and landscape gesture inspired by mountain...

Superimpose Architecture

Season Bridges


Superimpose was invited for a competition to design 4 groups of bridges at a new urban development in Hangzhou. Superimpose won the compe...

Studio 10

Spatial Design of “Qianhai Superposition”&“Back…

Shenzhen, 2020

Spatial Design of “Qianhai Superposition”&“Back to Future” of the 2020 Qianhai Future Urbanism/Architecture Exhibition (Subvenue of the 8...

Superimpose Architecture



Superimpose and LEAP won the invited masterplan tender as a consortium for Greentown Associated Fund Platform for a new financial town al...

Studio 10

Light & Shadow, The Other Place

Guilin, 2018

The Other Place is a creative guesthouse by the Li River in Pingle County, Guilin, and Studio 10 has just finished the renovation of its ...

LUO studio

Temporary Site of Shengli Market — Creation of…

Puyang, 2019

Temporary Site of Shengli Market — Creation of Spatial Order The project is the temporary site of an old market, located in Puyang Ci...

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