Greater Dog Architects

LI City Study

Liyang City, 2021

LI City Study is located in the Tianmu Lake Resort in Liyang City. As a government sponsored public welfare project, it realizes the conv...

atelier mearc

Huangpu Center Office Lobby

Shanghai, 2021

Huangpu Center is located in the place known as Old West Gate in Shanghai. From the map, it is located at the corner of the junction whe...

United Practice Architects | UPA

Lakeside Rest Station

Ezhou, 2022

landscape public toilet of Liangzi Lake Changling wharf Liangzi Lake is the second largest freshwater lake in Hubei, where the perennial...

DUTS Design Shanghai Office

CoscoShipping Park

Shanghai, 2022

DUTS CREATED THE SHANGHAI COSCOSHIPPING PARK AS GREEN ISLANDS ON THE OCEAN DUTS design has recently completed the new project “CoscoShi...

DUTS Design Shanghai Office

"Ribbon" of the Silk Road – Lanzhou Yin Da Ru…

Gansu, 2017

"Ribbon" of the Silk Road: Lanzhou Yin Da Ru Qin In this project, the architectural design is inspired by the "Ribbon" of the Silk Road....

DUTS Design Shanghai Office

World Expo Joint Pavilion No.3

Shanghai, 2019

Renovation Design on the top floor of previous World Expo Joint Pavilion No.3 Recently, DUTS Design completed a new working space design...

DUTS Design Shanghai Office

Building 8 in Happiness Dock

Shanghai, 2018

Renovation Project of Building 8 in Happiness Dock DUTStudio completed an old factory space renovation project in Huangpu District, Shan...

DUTS Design Shanghai Office

"Dome of the Flower" - Linxia Grand Theater

Linxia, 2015

Text description provided by the architects. Linxia Grand Theater is located in the core area of a new planned town in Linxia City, Gansu...

West-line Studio

Baiyun Community Center

Guizhou Province, 2010

The Baiyun Community Center is a 13,400sqm mixed-use complex located on a hillside with an elevation difference of about 12m. Following t...

Studio 10

秦厂村党群活动中心改造:交织的信仰,自然与人本| 一座开放的回廊式社群中心

焦作, 2019

秦厂村党群活动中心坐落于河南省焦作市修武县城关镇秦厂村,是基于原村党群活动中心老建筑的改造项目。“修武”源于周代武王伐纣“修兵练武”于此的典故,是一座典型的中原古县,历史悠久、厚重;城关镇则是修武县的经济、政治、文化重镇。 老党群活动中心位于秦厂村东侧边缘的一个三岔路口,...



受杭州城东新城建设投资有限公司的邀请,叠术建筑参加了杭州城东新城空中连廊项目的竞标活动。 叠术团队通过对场地以及周围的景观、杭州的气候和社区进行分析,赋予了四座连廊四个季节的概念。四组连廊分别命名为“春之桥”,“夏之桥”,“秋之桥”,“冬之桥” 。每一个季节的连廊都与另一...



客户注意到了叠术建筑在杭州做的教育项目Micro-O,于是邀请叠术建筑为位于江苏省的一个很小的村子河西村设计一个体验中心。关注农业和有机农业是中国发展的最新变化之一。河西村以其甜水小龙虾产业而闻名于世,而H2O项目旨在促进偏远地区的农业和小龙虾养殖业的发展。 叠术建筑在寻找...




Matthew Jones

The Floating Embassy


Scale as a tool to reframe, represent & reconstruct Beijing’s fragmented urban condition and society. The Floating embassy collates ...

LUO studio



山村旧房废木的再利用——骆驼湾村廊架 1. 拆旧盖新留存的废木 骆驼湾村位于太行山北麓的冀晋交汇处,由于山区交通不便发展缓慢,村落日渐凋敝,房舍破败。近年来政府投入了财力物力帮助修旧盖新,脱贫致富,村民生活质量日益提高。在修缮过程中村民们可以选择传统的木结构屋顶或者现浇混...

beyondtime architects

Service Center of Peony Performance Park

Fuzhou, 2019

This design takes the historical script of Peony Pavilion drama as the background, meanwhile, considers the director’s demand for drama a...

hcreates interior design

New Zealand Central

Shanghai, 2018

The Client wanted to design a space which delivered an authentic experience, that showcased New Zealand. The space needed to be function...

Atelier TeamMinus

Jianamani Visitor Center

Yushu, 2010

Yushu is a highly regarded religious center to Tibetans. Its significance comes mainly from Jianamani, the world's largest Tibetan Buddhi...


The Living Art Pavilion

Shenzhen, 2018

The Living Art Pavilion, located in Quanzhi Technology Innovation park of Shajing in Shenzhen, is the highlight of the industrial park’s ...


Wharf Ecological Tourism Floor Area at Delta of…

Dongying, 2010

The gesture of architectural intervention to nature is the core discourse of design. The architecture seeks to avoid destroying the natur...


Hangzhou Citizen Center

Hangzhou, 2015

The projectstoodout among 69 international programs and was implemented. Hangzhou Citizen Center is a mega block structure composed of si...




MUDA慕达建筑设计的兴隆湖书店选址于成都天府新区兴隆湖湾区东侧,以一个12m x 39m的矩形为平面基础,屋顶最低点3m,建筑一角抬高16m,另一角抬高7.5m,形成了具有精神象征意义的屋顶。曲面与湖面,构成恰到好处的呼应。湖面上绵延的水波,被风一吹,就成了轻盈的屋面。 ...

INCLS (One Design)

Zhelin Community Service Center

Shanghai, 2018

Zhelin Administration and Community Service Center Building is located in Zhelin New Town of Fengxian District in suburb Shanghai. The cu...

Atelier Liu Yuyang Architects (ALYA)

Jiading Ethnic Museum Xiangdong Clubhouse

Shanghai, 2012

The project is located in the Feicheng creative industry park in the Jiading district, Shanghai. The original structure was an annex buil...


Hygiene Station for Cattlefield Village School

Lincang, 2017

Cattlefield Village Primary School is in a mountainous region of western Yunnan Province, China. The original school was built in 2010, i...

NODE (Nansha Original DEsign)

Yong-chong River Water Infrastructure

Shenzhen, 2015

Project description Design Period: 2013—2015 Category: Experimental

NODE (Nansha Original DEsign)

Drunken Ink Hall

Chengdu, 2010

Project description Floor Area: 2,922 sqm Building Area: 2,535 sqm Design Period: 2008—2010

INCLS (One Design)

Ningbo Hangzhou Bay Center Lake Park Facilities

Ningbo Hangzhou Bay, 2015

A universal formal language is set to deal with park facilities of varied sizes and functions. It consists a basic module system of 3 met...

Jiakun Architects

West Village

Chengdu, 2015

West Village is a maxi-courtyard that adopts an atypical design when compared to other commercial complexes in that its centrifugal layou...


Meixi Urban Helix

Changsha, 2017

Das Konzept inszeniert den Anfangspunkt der neuen Stadtachse am Meixi See im Südwesten Changshas und schafft einen multifunktionalen, öff...

Weber Hofer Partner Architekten

Council Building City Civic Center Taichung

Taichung, 2013

Weber Hofer Partner Architekten

Government Building City Civic Center Taichung

Taichung, 2012

Praxis d'Architecture

Youth Career Center

Beijing, 2011

Songzhuang, a district east of Beijing, is undergoing dramatic transformation from a painter’s village to a creative industry clust...


Ningbo Urban Planning Exhibition Center

Ningbo, 2019

Shortly after the successful collaboration for the German Pavilion at the Expo 2010 in Shanghai, the two practices playze and Schmidhuber...

Ronald Lu & Partners

Xiqu Centre

West Kowloon, 2018

Bing Thom Architects + Ronald Lu & Partners work with the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority to design and deliver a world-clas...


Tongxian Gate House

Beijing, 2003

Thirty miles from Beijing, a community of over 200 Chinese artists of international recognition lacked a public institution or space that...

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