Water Tower Renovation for VANKE

Shenyang, 2012


The 3rd-i Virtual City

Shanghai, 2010

A multi-media installation project in collaboration with V2_ from Rotterdam, Shanghai eARTS and Cybercity Ruhr from Germany, presented du...


Jiading Science and Cultural Exhibition Center

Shanghai, 2011

This project is in collaboration with standardarchitecture. The project locates in the Jiading New City, one of the most developed ...


underSTREET Parking Tower

Hong Kong, 2011

The point of departure for this alternative parking tower is to understand parking not merely as infrastructural facility, but as an oppo...

SKEW Collaborative

Jia Little Exhibition Center

Songjiang District, Shanghai, 2011

Jia Little Exhibition Center integrates the display and production spaces of creative industries into a single mixed-use building complex...


National Art Museum of China

Beijing, 2010

''Stone Drums'' and ''MO BAO'' – This design for the NAMOC presents an emblem of...

Amateur Architecture Studio

Ningbo Tengtou Pavillion

Shanghai, 2010

Amateur Architecture Studio

Ningbo History Museum

Ningbo, 2008


De Café

Beijing, 2010

De-café bookstore standardarchitecture’s experiment on small scale urban transformation Located on Che...


Tibet Yarluntzangbu Grand Canyon Art Centre

Pai Town, Linzhi, Tibet, 2011

The Yarlong River (Yarlong Tsangpo in Tibetan, Yalu Zangbu Jiang in Chinese – the architects transcribe it as Yarluntzangbu) has it...

Zephyr Architects

Bio-Lake Reception Center

Wuhan, 2010

This reception center houses an exhibition space, conference rooms and administration offices for the Bio-lake campus.  Next to the ...

Steven Holl Architects

Horizontal Skyscraper

Shenzhen, 2009

Hovering over a tropical garden, this ‘horizontal skyscraper’ – as long as the Empire State Building is tall - unites i...

gmp · Architekten von Gerkan, Marg und Partner


Lingang New City, 2009

Das erste Schifffahrtsmuseum Chinas überhaupt liegt an dem Ufer eines durch Landaufschüttung dem Meer abgewonnenen 5 km² großen Sees in d...

gmp · Architekten von Gerkan, Marg und Partner

Chongqing Grand Theater

Chongqing, 2009

Mit seiner Nähe zum Wasser scheint das „Grand Theater“ über dem Fluss Yangtse zu schweben. Eine steinerne Sockelplattform bildet die Basi...

gmp · Architekten von Gerkan, Marg und Partner

Qingdao Grand Theater

Qingdao, 2010

Das Grand Theater liegt im Laoshan District an einem neu erschaffenen Park, der sich vom Meer bis zu den Füßen des Laoshangebirges erstre...

Scenic Architecture

Zhujiajiao Museum of Humanities & Arts

Shanghai, 2010

Zhujiajiao is an ancient water town located in the Qingpu district of Shanghai. The roots of the town date back 1.700 years. Numerous bri...


Nanning Urban Construction Archive Museum


The design has taken unique, innovative and modern elements which represent the traditional cultures in Nanning Guangxi Province into mod...


South Song Museum conceptual planning and design


The South Song Museum conceptual planning and design is to create the South Song Imperial Ruin as a model of China's great Ruin conse...

Hou Liang Architecture

The Earth Memorial

Sichuan, 2008

Time: 2008.06 Location: Sichuan, China Building area:10,492 m2 The Great Earth Memorial —&mdash...

in+of architecture

Museum of Mao Badges

Anren, 2004

Located in Anren County in the near suburbs of Chengdu, Jianchuan Museum Precinct is a cluster of multi-purpose buildings developed...

DnA Design and Architecture

Ordos Art Museum

Ordos City, 2007

Ordos Art Museum is the first building of Ordos new civic center on a stretch of sand dunes along lake that is dedicated as “public...

Amateur Architecture Studio

Ningbo Contemporary Art Museum

Ningbo, 2005

The project is located at the former “Bund” in Ningbo. The whole area undergoes a functional reconstruction, because the form...

BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group

XPO, Danish Pavilion EXPO 2010

Shanghai, 2010

The Danish pavilion in Shanghai EXO 2010 videoclip BIG - bike tour on S...


Nan Yue Wang Gong Museum

Guangzhou, 2008

The concept for this historical museum is to integrate the issues of historical site protection, building design and landscape design to ...

Urbanus Architecture & Design

Public Art Plaza Shenzhen

Shenzen, 2006

Located in one of the most densely populated areas of downtown Shenzhen, the Public Art Plaza is a program initiated by both the city adm...

in+of architecture

Tiantai Museum

Tiantai, 2003

0ver the centuries, the coexistence of three religions - Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism - have enriched the landscapes surroundi...


Jingyuetan Poly Theater

Changchun, 2007

"Architecture is frozen music" being the thematic concept of the design, which metaphors and highlights the building's purp...

DnA Design and Architecture

Xiaopu Culture Center


Located on an irregular former industrial lot in the wellknown art village Songzhuang with local courtyards around, Xiaopu Cultural Cente...

DnA Design and Architecture

Songzhuang Art Center

Beijing, 2006

As the first public art facility built in Songzhuang, the well-recognized contemporary chinese art village out of Beijing city, this Art ...

Hou Liang Architecture

Ningbo Science And Technology Museum

Ningbo, 2004

Time: 2004.08 Location: Ningbo,China Client: Ningbo science and technology association Key dimensions: m2 Cos...

Approach Architecture Studio

Image Base Beijing (IBB)

Beijing, 2007

IBB is a redevelopment project converting an old industrial place to loft office spaces for creative industry. An art gallery and other u...

Approach Architecture Studio

Minsheng Art Museum

Shanghai, 2008

Project description: This one, again is a redevelopment project converting old industrial building to art museum. P...

Atelier 100s+1

Art Center of Huangmei Opera

Anqing, 2005

Project Name: Art Center of Huangmei Opera Location: Anqing, Anhui Building Area: 5.90...

Jiakun Architects

Red Era - Entertainment Center

Chengdu, 2001

‘Red Era’ Entertainment Center Location: Nijia-qiao Road, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, P.R.C Desig...

FAKE Design

9 Boxes-Taihe Complex

Beijing, 2004

After buying the entire development properties from the previous investor, the new developer was eager to transform these 9 houses, which...

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