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Coop Himmelb(l)au

PANEUM – Wunderkammer des Brotes (House of Bread II)

Jacques Ferrier Architecture
Hong Kong, 2009

Humberto Conde Arq.
Beauy Pine Forest, 2014

The fundamental principles of the proposal are based on understanding the character of the site, its geomorphologic characteristics and its cultura...
Neugebauer + Rösch
Jintan, 2014

Ein langes Dach kennzeichnet den Eingang zu diesem neuartigen Industriebau. Mit der Doppel-T-Struktur werden die Abläufe von Montage, Produktion, A...
Plasma Studio
Xi'an, 2015

Xi'an Eco-park is part of a district located in the newly-developed region of Xixian City. The project includes two main gates to the park and ...
Plasma Studio
Wuxi, 2014

The concept for the Low-Carbon Exhibition Centre starts with reference of geology: carbon being a product of intense geological forces and processe...
Plasma Studio
Guangzhou, 2014

From Classical Chinese architecture we thought out the organization of the building as a linear sequence of planes. Most sacred sites such as the t...
Plasma Studio
Beijing, 2013

The concept of working with sunken ground comes from a mission of fabricating an experience both intimate and intense combined with a strong feelin...
Plasma Studio

Plasma Studio
Shenzhen, 2013

In the Frontsea landscpae and greeing planning, we believe the key element to create various landscape spaces in the green grid building, which cou...
Plasma Studio
Ordos, 2011

Plasma Studio
Datong, 2010

The given typology of two towers above a rectangular four storey podium–a common typology in China–is a challenge. The two towers must ...
Pysall Architekten
Hangzhou, 2010

With the relocation of the industry to the outskirts of the city, former factory buildings got free for new use. The old iron foundry Xintiandi ...
Pysall Architekten
Mianyang, 2007

The source of this concept is part of the master plan ”The Rose of Mianyang - Sustainable City“. The planning area is bounded on the west and on th...
Taiwan, 2010

This project belongs to Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Administration of Tourism Bureau. It is a public space for people who work inside and vi...
An Keng, 2016

This project is for the courtyard of the hotel which is near a park and an ecological zone. Space is mainly used for the wedding ceremony, on the o...
Taoyuan, 2013

Weston Williamson + Partners
Hong Kong

Rising from the banks of Victoria Harbour to a maximum elevation of 440m, the ‘Kissing Towers’ provide a self-sufficient, self sustaini...
Jingdezhen, 2013

Program Museum, shop, restaurant, offices, parking Collaboration with Hua Rui Office Beijing Phase Concept, SD Status In progress C...
Shanghai, 2015

Located on one of Shanghai’s busiest streets alive with local food stalls, small restaurants, shops and sidewalk activity, Little Cat...
Shanghai, 2014

Linehouse was asked to create a new modern fast food identity for Lone Ranger; a hot dog shop, incorporating a wild west theme. Replacing t...
Shenzen, 2014

LineHouse was commissioned to design a delicatessen in Shenzhen. The deli is conceived from both inside and out as an intricate casing, n...
Ronald Lu & Partners
Chai Wan, 2017

RLP worked with the Vocational Training Council (VTC) to create a new campus in Chai Wan for the Technological and Higher Education Institute (THEi...
Ronald Lu & Partners
Zhuhai, 2017

Located in Tong Jia Wan, Zhuhai, the new campus of United International College (UIC) is home to a full range of comprehensive educational faciliti...
Ronald Lu & Partners
Hung Hom, 2013

Ronald Lu & Partners
Wanchai, 2012

The China Resources Building (CRB) was used to be an icon of 1980s. To cope with the growth of commercial activities in North Wanchai and for the a...
Ronald Lu & Partners
West Kowloon, 2018

Bing Thom Architects + Ronald Lu & Partners work with the West Kowloon Cultural District Authority to design and deliver a world-class facility...
Ronald Lu & Partners
Shanghai, 2022

TODTOWN in the Minhang district of Shanghai resolves a complex range of needs and challenges to create a well connected, mixed-use mini city. Locat...
Ronald Lu & Partners
Tianjin, 2018

Tianjin CTF Finance Centre is a 530m tall skyscraper with a total GFA of 389,900 sq. m., consisting of 97-storey towers, 5-storey podium and 4-stor...
Ronald Lu & Partners
Kowloon Bay, 2012

ZCB Zero Carbon Building (ZCB), the first zero carbon building designed to be energy-positive from a life-cycle perspective in the tropics, is a mi...
SLOW Architects
Lake Songhua, Jilin, 2014

The Italian word “Baita” refers to a place that allows climbers to have a break and regain their strength. This café located in ...
SLOW Architects
Tsingdao, 2013

This small building is the show area of Vanke during the World Horticultural Exposition 2014 in Tsingdao. It will be used as a cafeteria serving th...
SLOW Architects
Beijing, 2012

This is a studio and residence built from the renovation and expansion of a small single-story building. The original building is brick structure w...
SLOW Architects

This is a weekend house sitting on a hillside with flourishing plants. The peach forest under the hill and the urban area further way can be seen o...
Nantonh, 2014

The completion of the new swimming hall and the badminton hall marks the implementation of two further components of the masterplan for an extensiv...
Chongqing, 2014

Housed within a recently completed retail complex at the heart of Chongqing’s shopping district, iFree Cineplex is the new brand of Dadi Cine...
Daxing, 2014

This four-storey building designed by SPARK will showcase the variety of office and retail spaces soon to be created at Vanke-Shoukai’s mixed-use d...
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