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Transsolar KlimaEngineering

Dorotheen Quartier

Praxis d'Architecture

Spring Art Museum

Beijing, 2015

Our clients for this project are from local who believe in contemporary art, and intended the museum to be a platform to promote ...

Praxis d'Architecture

Youth Career Center

Beijing, 2011

Songzhuang, a district east of Beijing, is undergoing dramatic transformation from a painter’s village to a creative industry clust...

Praxis d'Architecture

Front Desk

Beijing, 2013

The beginning is a beginning as well as an end; the end is an end as well as a beginning. – Miyazaki Hayao &...

Praxis d'Architecture

Ice House

Beijing, 2006

This exhibition space was required to share a space with a blues jazz bar already in operation. The jazz bar was in a historical location...

Praxis d'Architecture

Dongrun Apartment

Beijing, 2012

Songzhuang has received a continuous influx of young artists and art-related industries in the past few years, which has accompan...

Praxis d'Architecture

Praxis d'Studio

Beijing, 2013

A space for thinking, a living room, a party place….with a wall of light….   The...

Praxis d'Architecture

Importance of Walking Store

Beijing, 2014

The owner of the shoe store was at the beginning of establishing her business, and rented this 13 square meter space. It was afte...

Praxis d'Architecture

Lake Shore Studio

Beijing, 2012

The site for this artist studio is on lake shore where the shore starts to turn from west to south. The topography change brought...


Naked Stables

Hangzhou, 2011

The resort, located 2.5 hours from Shanghai, has 120 rooms, two restaurants, a bar and a conference center. The interior design was done ...


Fushengyu Hotspring Resort

Mian Yang, 2015

This luxury hot spring resort is built around the hilltop of Luo Fu Shan, in Sichuan Province. The site is 300Mu or 21Ha, with 70.000 m2 ...


Aluminum Lobby at SOHO Fuxing Plaza

Shanghai, 2014

This lobby to an office building of 1200m2 is mostly made with a recycled material, AIM Architecture after the “Cork Office on the ...

KI Studio

Jiefang Tunnel

Hangzhou, 2005

Concept development for a dual carriageway tunnel in an urban setting. The new tunnel links the old city of Hangzhou with the new CBD.&nb...

KI Studio

Hangzhou New CBD Bridge Competition

Hangzhou, 2012

KI Studio won a Chinese bridge competition for a road bridge across a canal for the New Hangzhou CBD district. We also received two third...

KI Studio

Eastcom City Landscape Design

Hangzhou, 2002

A 30 hectare site for a telecommunications factory for 4,500 workers for a Motorola joint venture.  

KI Studio

Wangjiang Park

Hangzhou, 2009

The site encompasses an area of approximately 4 hectares along the foreshore of the Qiantang River. Key challenge of the project included...

KI Studio

Hangzhou New CBD Foreshore Park

Hangzhou, 2006

The site encompasses an area of approximately 37 hectares along the foreshore of the Qiantang River to be used as a multi-function park a...

Synthesis Design

Fuzhou Cross-Strait Cultural Art Center


The project is an “cross-strait” cultural center in Fuzhou, China to commemorate the connection between China and Taiwan. The...

pfarré lighting design

Bolon Eyewear

Shanghai, 2015

Bolon is China’s largest spectacles manufacturer and the third largest sunglasses brand worldwide.The overall architectural lighting desi...


Petal Villas

Chongqing, 2015

SADAR+VUGA are commissioned for a project design of 6 individual villas and a hotel villa of the Tieshanping Ecological Area (TEA) develo...

M&N Environmental Planning Institute

Anno Domini Park

Hangzhou China, 2015


Hanjie Wanda Square

Wuhan, 2013

Hanjie Wanda Square is a luxury shopping plaza which houses international brand stores, world-class boutiques, catering outlets and cinem...


Shanghai Auto Museum – Collection Pavilion

Shanghai, 2014

The Collection Pavilion presents milestones in automobile development from 1900 to 1975. 39 historical cars are displayed in a room narra...



Hong Kong, 2015

Côte&Ciel is inspired by the complementary clash between coast (côte) and sky (ciel). Linehouse’s interpret...

Jacques Ferrier Architecture

Yidian Office Complex

Shanghai, 2015

Mission   In February 2011, Jacques Ferrier Architecture’s firm won a c...

OPEN Architecture

Tank Shanghai

Shanghai, 2017

This project is a story about how industrial relics are reincarnated through art in a new era of city development. A group of decommissio...

OPEN Architecture

Stepped Courtyards

Changle, Fuzhou, 2014

This project is the staff dormitory for Net Dragon Company’s new campus by the sea shore. The main idea is to create a collective livin...

OPEN Architecture

Pingshan Performing Arts Center

Shenzhen, 2017

By combining the ‘formal function’ of the grand theater with ‘informal functions’ such as educational/social activities related to the pe...

OPEN Architecture


Guangzhou, 2015

The idea for this flexible and reusable building prototype came about as our reaction to the unique Chinese phenomenon in the recent de...

Think Evolution Architecture

3D Home

Hong Kong, 2015

We turned this typical tiny flat in Hong Kong into a studio for a couple. The partition walls are demolished to increase floor space. Th...

Think Evolution Architecture

Z House

Zhongshan, 2015

We wanted to prove good simple design with nature in mind is possible even with limited space and small budget. This is a three-storey bu...

Think Evolution Architecture


Hubei, 2015

The client's initial brief was simply to design a church complex in this green hilly site of this 3rd/4th tier Chinese city. We developed...


Yin Ma Chuan of the Great Wall

Beijing, 2016

Yin Ma Chuan of the Great Wall – The Seeking the Happiness of Mother Earth Area is the first cultural resort at the foot of the Great Wal...


Kingdee Tower

Shenzhen, 2017

Software company Kingdee is extending its headquarters in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen with a 210 metre tower designed by HENN. ...


10 DESIGN | High Technology District Commercial…

East Zhuhai

10 DESIGN’s (10) latest competition win is the 53,000 sqm Zhuhai High Technology District Commercial Hub in the district of East Zhuhai, ...

Vector Architects

Hybrid Courtyard Living

Beijing, 2016

In Baitasi No. 22 courtyard house renovation project, we explore the relationship of old and new in two subjects:   Firstly, the con...

Vector Architects

Seashore Library

Beidaihe New District, 2015

About three hours drive from Beijing, the library is located inside a vacation compound along Bohai Bay. While Beijing has been experie...

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